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    Homebrew working on a quick little wii racing game

    I was thinking everything but I don't really know what all that would entail. I'll admit, I'm just assuming this will work (possibly with an overclock turned on). I just think it'd be neat to to avoid some of the pop-in. Appreciate the consideration! "Disable culling"? I'm trying to think...
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    Homebrew working on a quick little wii racing game

    It looks absolutely beautiful. The added buildings really spruce it up. Just curious, did you ever look into the no-culling option for people that play on the emulator?
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    'Alone in the Dark' remake announced

    Honestly, I think it's because publishers/devs see that is what people want. The number of times I go to a video on an old game or view a discussion, it's "I wish this was ported to Switch. Or I wish this game was remade." Yes there are occasionally "This game was awesome, sequel please!" but...
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    Translation Line Attack Heroes English translation for Wii

    Hey @Brand Newman , just curious. What program(s) did you use to edit the textures in this game? Was wanting to look at the textures and can't figure out how to read them.
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    Homebrew Homebrew game So I have been trying to make a block game like minecraft for wii homebrew

    @newo - what do you mean animations? It just had the targets sorta "pop" up, I assumed that was translation vs an animation. I don't recall Crossbow Training being too heavy animation wise but maybe I'm misremembering. Also, that looks very nice!
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    Homebrew Homebrew game So I have been trying to make a block game like minecraft for wii homebrew

    That's so cool looking! You know what it made me think of. Have you ever considered doing a target shooter ala "Link's Crossbow Training"? You could have IR controls and show off all your pretty worlds that you've created over the years. EDIT: though a physics based game where you are...
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    Homebrew Homebrew game So I have been trying to make a block game like minecraft for wii homebrew

    I was wondering what you were working on after Zero. Somehow I missed this post. I guess you've seen as well? That looks pretty impressive!
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    Insomniac's Spider-Man Remastered heads to PC after years of PlayStation exclusivity

    This was the main reason I wanted a sony console. I'll definitely be picking this up at some point!
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    Buying From Yahoo Auctions

    I've looked at Yahoo Auctions multiple times. Often, the price of the games themselves is very good. However, by the time the forwarding company adds on shipping + other fees, the game ends up being $10 -$30 more than what I can find on Amazon, Ebay, etc. Do people just buy in bulk? I see it...
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    Chrono Cross remaster and other Nintendo Direct games also coming to Steam and other consoles

    I'm curious whether the Klonoa port will impact the price of the used games. As for Star Wars, I wish they did more. It still surprises me that the Wii didn't get some of the PSP content back in the day. Ok fine maybe they had reasons they couldn't have done that but why not put that in the...
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    TMNT: Shredder's Revenge announced for PS4 and Xbox One, adds playable Master Splinter

    I'm fine with no release date yet. Take your time and make it great! This looks lovely and I can't wait to play it.
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    The Nintendo Switch has officially outsold the Wii

    I find both pieces of hardware are very interesting. I love the Wii. But in some ways the library as a whole I find underwhelming. Like, looking at my favorite games of all times, there's not many (any?) Wii games on it. It was largely a casual focused console with maybe 10 - 20% of its...
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    Chibi-Robo English translation for Wii

    From this thread . Seems like you can do that by editing the first post? Or you have to report the post with the request to change the prefix to 'translation'
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    Are there any Wii games left to translate? What would you like to see!

    Good point, it is not. I haven't played through my copy but I think I heard it was around 90% complete. There are a handful of games that still have a partial translation. For instance, while Europe saw a release of Inazuma Eleven Strikers, there were two sequels published for Wii in Japan...
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    Chibi-Robo English translation for Wii

    Nice work Brand! I can imagine it can be difficult to convey such similar feelings in sometimes limited text. One random comment, this thread is not tagged with "Translation", so I can't easily find it by filtering. Not sure if that's easy to fix. Nice. Your post inspired me, so I made...
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