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Dec 24, 2015
Feb 18, 2013
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    1. Prans
      No worries man! I got it working on my 4.2.0-9E 3DS. Thanks for your help! ;)
    2. Prans
      However, everytime I load the flash card on my DS Lite, I get the error 'System File Is Missing'.
      I tried using the other kernels from the site with the same issue. Do you have the right files? If so could you please send them to me? Thanks!
      1. wiewcw
        If you get files from thir website it should work, try reformat card as FAT32 and extract archive with kernel - this card is known as "fake" It only handle hacked kernels - there is no way to put newest Wood kernels. If it also show an error so try to send it back and forget of this company - I am on DSTWO expensive, but lot way better than that R4i-gold shit.
        May 29, 2013
    3. Prans
      Hey there! I saw your post about the R4i Gold Pro. I really need your help here. I just got that card and I have a 3DS of firmware 4.2.0-9E. I also have a DS Lite. I know that I have to update the flashcard's firmware first in order to get it to work on my 3DS. I downloaded the Kernel and Firmware Upgrade from its site http://r4i-gold.com/en/download/
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