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    Hacking jap bricked wii??

    thanks thats what I was going to do check out instructions and try to locate a disc I will post what happens when I try just incase some one else comes across the same thing
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    Hacking jap bricked wii??

    thanks for the reply at least i know its fully bricked now and I have some spare parts but i still dont understand how it jumped from 3.1 to 3.2 then 4.3. the mind boggles now to figure out using the modchipped drive and change region etc thanks again
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    Hacking jap bricked wii??

    I used sm jap update v288 as it was hardmodded with a wiiki version 1 i thought it would work but no avail I dont have any jap original disc to try but if the update disc made it jump from 3.1 to 4.3 no original disc will update sm as it may of already been done. I have softmodded a couple of...
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    Hacking jap bricked wii??

    its still a 4.3 dont understand how it jumped from 3.1 any ideas?
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    Hacking jap bricked wii??

    When i get round to it i will try and let you know what happens but im going to mess about abit more this wii seems really odd to me. I have just been messing about with it using gc controller and it says it was 3.1 jap tried again and it changed to 3.2 jap tried a third time and it said 4.3...
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    Hacking jap bricked wii??

    I bought a bricked wii just for the cd drive as a replacement and found it to be hard modded wiikii first version by the looks of it im not sure if i can use it as the bricked wii was jap. I have tried unbricking using an update disc jap with gamecube controller to no avail. I have since...
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    Gaming Madworld freezing

    Search the forum and all your questions will be answered. The problems i had were my ntsc one froze part way through the 3rd level and my pal one froze at the bull part I had done all the updates so i could not figure it out however i done updates again and the ntsc one still freezes same place...
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    Hacking If you want Madworld to load to the game and not a black screen read t

    I like the game got ntsc one ran fine on 3.2e with all updated bits until the 3rd level screen goes black and hangs. Got a pal version fine until the bull pmsl. Going to try a few bits out will let you peeps know
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    Hacking 3.5e out?

    I updated a friends wii yesterday and it only went to 3.4 however i had one or two problems with cios fix got there eventually though.
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