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    Gaming Holy... Mario Kart 7 suuuuucks

    ShadowSoldier, the dude in the video says and I quote "yeah, it's a giant pain". That pretty much says it all, you shouldn't need to go through a "giant pain" every race just to have a decent race. Online I don't care because that's how online games work, finding the best tactics and strategies...
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    Gaming Holy... Mario Kart 7 suuuuucks

    You guys just don't get it, no one is expecting MK to be Gran Turismo. MK is supposed to be mindless fun, the blue shells make it FRUSTRATING, ruining the FUN, it's still an easy game (against the AI at least) but that's not the point. How is that so hard to comprehend? I understand you (and...
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    Gaming Holy... Mario Kart 7 suuuuucks

    Just to clarify, my statements in the original post are magnified by the frustration and emotional upset I was experiencing when I wrote that. However I still stand by my complaints, overall I think the game is still fun and maybe online play makes things much better but I still think the...
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    Gaming Holy... Mario Kart 7 suuuuucks

    Mario Kart doesn't have to be balanced competitively, it just needs to be less frustrating, taking out the blue shell is all they need to do, the items you get when you're behind (8th-5th place) should be meant for the person who gets it to be able to catch up. Bullet Bill, Star, Mushrooms...
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    Gaming Holy... Mario Kart 7 suuuuucks

    Sorry this thread is pointless and annoying and will probably get deleted but oh my god I need to vent. Mario Kart 7 is the worst Mario Kart I have ever played, the rubberband AI is WAAAAAY too stupid, I stay in 1st place the whole race and I always get blue shelled in the last lap nearly...
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    Gaming I've been out of the scene for almost 2 years... what's new and good?

    Thank you all for the suggestions, I'll check out those games.
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    Gaming I've been out of the scene for almost 2 years... what's new and good?

    Sorry if this thread is annoying but I tried looking through the essentials topic and it's all games I already played. My DS got stolen in 2010 and just last week I finally got a 3DS + a Supercard so now I'm wondering, which excellent games did I miss in this 2 year period? Pokemon is the only...
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    Hacking any DStwo sellers that take prepaid visa giftcards?

    Yeah that's how I paid for mine from, paid with credit card through PayPal and I assume PayPal accepts Visa giftcards.
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    Hacking Grrrr...! sd card classes again!

    Also, make sure the card is properly formatted with the SD Formatter, I had same problems with slowdown on Black 2 and after doing a full erase (overwrite) with formatting adjustment on it improved a lot.
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    Hacking The SuperCard DSTWO Beginner's Guide: How to Setup the DSTWO

    Can you go online normally on a 3DS without fear of getting banned? Has anyone EVER gotten banned for using DSTWO on a 3DS?
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    Hacking Keeping my 3DS up to date

    How do you expect us to know? We don't even have any clue how the hack will work, just update and enjoy your 3DS and don't worry about things that may be far far off.
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    Misc What flashcarts run in DSi mode?

    Oh wow, guess I'll have to get an original Pokemon game. Thank you.
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    Misc What flashcarts run in DSi mode?

    I have a router that's WPA2 and I really want to use internet in Pokemon Black/White 2, I know they can use normal Wi-Fi with a DSi, however most flashcarts (even the top ones like SuperTWO) run in DS mode, however I've heard of a few flashcarts that can run in DSi mode. Which one would you...
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    Hacking Any firmware options for

    This card comes from that website, mine is the first one (top left), do any of you know it? It's working fine so far but I hate to be restricted to the default firmware, especially since the last update was June 25, you guys know what other firmware I could use with this card? Thank...
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