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    CCTV Camera System vs Camera Doorbell

    I have the ring 2 and needing subscription for it is def a negative and also it is battery operated even though it is hooked to doorbell transformer which just recharges the battery to run the device. So if u have it set up to catch a lot of motion or if have a wintertime where it is cold out...
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    Tempmas Christmas Raffle 2021

    Good luck, Happy Holidays everyone
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    Comment by 'Tri-Z' in 'There is no karma'

    Sorry, but I’ll take a hard pass on karma ain’t real. Maybe it’s not available for everyone to experience, but I absolutely believe it in some form. I look at it like this, if I do a selfless act of kindness from my heart for someone, the karma reward is the joy they feel from someone else...
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    Triforce games not working

    Yeh I have mine setup for start from Wii U mode so can have installed on same hardrive as my Wii U games. And it def sounds like a saving issue and like it’s loading the game at that point
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    Vwii u guide and advantages

    Yeh, u can play vwii on game pad. It’s been awhile since I’ve done my Wii U conversions but I believe in tecmoons app there is a check box for it
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    Triforce games not working

    I have both working on my Wii U. Don’t think I did anything special, just ended up running through program so that can start from Wii U and use Wii U game pad. Maybe need to get game from a different source. I used the ones that I had on my original Wii Almost seems like urs is loading a save...
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    Hacking Broken SD-Card, briked Wii U

    Looks like u have cold boot haxchi installed change auto boot to system menu don’t know why u would want mocha when have haxchi installed
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    Hacking vWii Hack without Wii U CFW

    No problem. Post back ur results. in the guide link I posted for u, it does have all links to everything u need, and directions for where to put them on sd card. So u can do it all manually if u wanted instead of Wii U hombrew App Store. U may have to download Wii U App Store hombrew and put...
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    Hacking vWii Hack without Wii U CFW

    What wup hax does is makes it so can get to the howbrew launcher on when on vwii. Then from there u install the stuff that they list for vwii. Then when done u run wup hax on Wii U again and restore the mii channel the guide I sent u to u can use if I recall u need to unplug any usb plugs into...
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    Hacking vWii Hack without Wii U CFW

    I’m sorry I never made it past 8th grade Spanish
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    Hacking vWii Hack without Wii U CFW

    Yeh u just have to run browser hax to get into hombrew launcher then run the wuphax virtual Wii hack and follow the instructions in the guide for vwii hacking. Browserhax is putting Wii U in cfw. Haxchi is just a short cut in a way, so don’t have to do the browser hax and is more reliable. Idk...
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    Hacking 3DS not turning on with latest Luma + system update (turns on w/o SD card but reaches arm11 block)

    Sounds like ur on arm9loader hax and need to update to B9S scroll down to under instructions where the dif colored boxes are and should find ur next move from there I think this is ur next step but check the above links out yourself first...
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    Hearings about January 6 capital

    I think they meant people are just too sensitive sometimes. Everyone has the right to feel how they want to feel though and don’t deserve to be put down, harassed, belittled, bullied. But there’s much worse things going on in the world in comparison. as the events were unfolding the victims...
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