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    happy new year mate!

    happy new year mate!
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    Hardware Burnt psp screen

    try and purchase an oem display too. I've heard some horror stories about garbage quality for the hk knock-off displays
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    What color trim should I use for my arcade machine?

    can you get a brushed metal? you would get the benefits of it not ending up all "fingerprinty" along with maintaining a nice black w/ silver accents appearance
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    NDSL disassembly/reassembly guide

    turnstile: glad to hear that you solved the problem. if you don't mind me asking, what was the issue; one of the display ribbon cables not securely inserted correctly or all of the way in?
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    Gaming My pc build

    like DinohScene, I purchased a Momentus XT 7,200rpm 500GB drive and only paid about 110usd for it (of course this was a year ago, and I really haven't been keeping an eye on price fluctuations) I think that we all agree that solid state would be the way to go if they weren't so dang expensive...
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    Gaming My pc build

    yeah, this one's a bit more expensive, but it's 50w larger and modular love corsair's products. pure quality :)
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    Gaming My pc build

    I see that you chose the samsung hdd (at least you passed on the WD green series which is good, because I've had nothing but trouble with 3 of their drives). I'm running one of the seagate barracuda hybrid drives (16GB of flashram and the other 500GB is platters) and love it. my laptop boots up...
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    Hardware Accessory Recommendations

    here's a youtube video for installation of the HORI screen protector
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    Hardware Accessory Recommendations

    I would definately recommend a screen protector. I picked up a HORI one for my japanese system. I know that HORI is manufacturing and selling the same screen protectors here in the states, so I would assume that they would also be availabe in the uk edit: yep, the same screen protector is...
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    Hacking Need help reflashing my PSP back to stock firmware

    thug! I'm still waiting for my japanese system to arrive (stupid lithium battery restrictions with japan post have thwarted my friend's attempts to send me both a vita and white 3DS twice now! :( however, I'll probably pick up a u.s. 3G bundle next week since it will come with a free 8GB memory...
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    Gaming Sexy laptop - Worth it?

    the trackpad isn't on the left side, it's centered on the keyboard. all of the laptops that have a dedicated numeric keypad have the trackpad centered on the keyboard (so, it appears to be shifted to the left).
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    Gaming Sexy laptop - Worth it?

    like the others have mentioned, you definately want to stay away from anything listing "intel HD graphics 3000" because it's nothing more than a graphics chip on the motherboard with no ram. systems featuring this chipset end up sharing the computer ram as video ram. try to find one that...
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    Hacking Need help creating a DOCUMENT.DAT for Final Fantasy VII

    you've then copied it to the same directory as where the FF VII game title resides on your memory card, correct? the only other thing that I can think of is that the game code for the document.dat file does not match the game code for the FF VII game title eg. when I created my own copy of...
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    Hacking Need help creating a DOCUMENT.DAT for Final Fantasy VII

    if I recall correctly, you need to name all of the images sequentially (eg. 0000.png, 0001.png, etc...) and put them into the same folder. additionally, I believe that they need to be in .png format (not .jpg's). when I created one, I also made sure to size the images so that the width of the...
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    Hardware What kind of case?

    ??? 1. there is no latch on the 3DS, locking it shut. the axel hinge merely provides a bit of resistance to keep the halves shut. (and I've never had my 3DS "pop" open on its own just because I have a silicone sleeve on it. last time I checked, the halves on my 3DS were not spring loaded :P 2...
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