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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Switch OLED and retro handheld giveaway raffle - comment here to enter!

    F**k, don't remember if posted already. Well, may the luck be with me I guess?
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    Tales of Arise will release this September, will get Series X|S and PS5 versions

    Well, considering that Zestiria is originally a PS3 game, I guess there wouldn't be a problem for the Switch. But besides that, totally agree with you.
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    Another Eden is a time-traveling JRPG with a cat, with music and story by Chrono Trigger veterans

    TBH, Another Eden is nice. Very well-made, it's story is interesting and Cyrus (the Frog) is a cool character. Besides being (obviously) a gacha, it's rates aren't as atrocious as examples like Fate Grand Order, Genshin Impact and Rockman X Dive. Just clarifying, that's not Zero. Her name is...
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    GBAtemp Exclusive The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition - first impressions

    Even not being as beautiful as XIII (the best of the series in my opinion, followed closely by XI, '02UM and 98UM), it's still a great game. It's even better as they aren't just "dumbing down" the game to attract newcomers like every other fighting game from nowadays. It's mission mode is...
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    Ubisoft announces 'Hyper Scape', a free-to-play FPS battle royale

    It was about time we have a BR in an urban setting. It looks cool,and being F2P, I don't see any reason to all the hate.
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    Bloodstained celebrates over 1 million copies sold, gets free Boss Revenge and Chroma Wheel DLC

    It's exactly the opposite, because you can "disguise" technical limitations with art-style direction. And Bloodstained is a sidescroller. So you have to render WAY less stuff than, let's say, Dragon Quest XI which is almost an open-world game. TBH, it isn't only the resolution, it also...
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    Bloodstained celebrates over 1 million copies sold, gets free Boss Revenge and Chroma Wheel DLC

    Lucky you. I already 100% the game and it crashed a ton. Gotta say, after the big update, it happened less than before, but still. As it was said before, the Switch version right now is way better than at launch, but still way behind the other ports. There's no reason to deny it. auto Being...
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    Temper Pics - Post Them Shits Up, Son

    Oh no no no, don't get me wrong, it was only a joke on "how beard makes someone look more badass". >.<
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    Temper Pics - Post Them Shits Up, Son

    @yukivulpes Thanks! But I guess that means my beard is a failure. 8D
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    Temper Pics - Post Them Shits Up, Son

    Oh hey, this thread is back! [2] Well, I'm not a big fan of taking pictures, but I have a few to share at least. So, here's an old one (2010 I guess?)... ...and a newer one.
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    PlayStation State of Play March 2019 roundup

    Oh man, it was just boring. Not saying that the Nintendo Directs are always amazing, but they are more dynamic and fun to watch. But can't say the focus on VR is a bad thing. I'm not a big fan, but I do think the technology itself deserves more love. And I really am surprised that there are...
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    GBAtemp Exclusive (Final day) Reviewers wanted! GBAtemp is hiring contributors

    Besides english not being my native language, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try an application. As I already have the consoles, it would be one less problem at least!
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    [LAST DAY!] GBAtemp Tempmas Social Media Raffle 2018

    Hope luck is on my side this time!
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