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    How to have two Android Partitions on the SD?

    I have my microSD with 3 partitions, Switch, Android and Linux, but I want to add another Android one and I'm a little bit lost on how to do it. The reason is that I want to install the Android tablet version and the AndroidTV version, the former works like a charm but it doesn´t manage well the...
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    Hacking ROM Hack Emulation Homebrew game Mario Party Legacy Collection (SM3DAS Rom Hack)

    Thanks for the effort!! One question, how is the performance of the games? I've played the mario parties on retroarch and the performance is mediocre, some minigames are barely playable because of the framerate, even after overclocking.
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    Hacking RELEASE Latest FS and Acid Patches for Kosmos

    Thanks for all the work! I had problems with a title, but after merging the patches with the atmosphere ones everything worked
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