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    ROM Hack FF7 "Beacause" re-translation on Switch

    There has been some research in the Remako thread but I'm not whether or not someone got it working. I'd be also very interested in a port of Beacause to the switch.
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    Homebrew Question i have a problem

    The easiest way would be by using Kosmos. sdsetup dot com (can't post links yet)
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    Homebrew Question i have a problem

    Did you use custom themes? If yes, you need to delete the theme folders under atmospheres/titles or do a complete clean atmosphere reinstall.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Blobby Volley 2

    Could somebody please recompile this? The App crashes on 8.1 and latest Kosmos. The game has been part of my childhood.
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    ROM Hack Discussion Moon jump code for BOTW with atmosphere cheats

    Could you also have a look at the possibility of stopping enemies from regenerating health in master mode on version 1.6 via cheat codes? That would make the game perfect.
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    ROM Hack Question Collection of Mana, extracting Trials of Mana ROM from collection?

    Hi there, would you mind offering a short writeup on the steps you had to take to dump these roms? How did you locate them in the hex code and so on? BtW I am German too, so a private message in German would also be possible. Cheers in advance! Btw. I created an account especially to ask you this.
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