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    Hacking How can I decrypt Rock Band 3 (Xbox-360) DLC?

    You can actually make custom tracks. If you decrypt them, you can have access to the midi and everything, editing the track, changing the music, etc. Outside of that, pro tracks are different compared to the actual song file itself, they're separate files (about 200kb in size, each) that contain...
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    Hacking How can I decrypt Rock Band 3 (Xbox-360) DLC?

    If i remember correctly from my time modding RB3, importing and creating custom tracks for RB3, as long as you're on title update 4 or below, you can use any song, pro mode tracks, etc modified or not. I found this out by accident when i got BYOB (no longer purchasable) from a member of one of...
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    Nintendo wins court case against man who sold TX devices and pirated copies of Switch games

    Fooled me with it, didnt even notice, but then again I'm just laying back in my chair and have my glasses off (astigmatism sucks).
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    Homebrew PKHeX adds experimental Sword/Shield support

    I never used online battles or trades, I also refused to use pkhex unless i finished the main story of the game or if I'm doing a new playthrough. I haven't hacked my switch so I don't have any intentions of using this for shield. I'm also curious what happens if you inject Pokemon that aren't...
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    Xbox's X019 event coverage, new Rare IP, new Obsidian game, Halo Reach PC release date announced

    Even if it does feel underwhelming, it's almost intentional by Microsoft. They want to build an ecosystem (PC and Xbox), not just Xbox gets only this that and the other. at some point I recall Phil Spencer saying they want people to have access to their games regardless of system, hence xcloud...
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    New job descriptions suggest that Obsidian is currently hiring for a "high profile RPG"

    God I hope it's kotor remakes. Kotor2 was a masterpiece when it came out but because of the time restrictions they had it was never officially finished. The fan made kotor 1 project got shut down, which was disheartening. It would be really cool to see these 2 games remade and continued on...
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    Hacking Reisyukaku teases ReiNX (CFW)

    Https:// You asked where, page 11 :P
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    Hacking Devmenu gives a black screen

    Make a backup of whats on the SD card then format it, generally what i do when i'm doing some kind of work involving SD cards.
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    Honestly, i wouldn't say i'm taking sides, if you've read some of my posts prior, i think both sides did some kind of wrong, but scires and RS blew it well out of proportion and leaving very little transparency to the whole situation. While K did make a mistake, she doesn't deserve this kind of...
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    It was more of she reporting it to Google/NVidia and but at the same time effecting the switch, she didn't report it to nintendo, but NVidia being a partner, you can imagine the path from there. K said she wasn't paid for it herself on twitter.
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    Because she was under the impression Google/NVidia already knew that the "intended feature" could be in a malicious way, but found out they didn't know.
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    Scires wants to use it as a warmboot exploit for the mariko units, as they've already patched out F-G launching with some ipatches at factory level. But when you take into consideration we don't know much about the mariko units or when they'll be released, this becomes a very large gray area...
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    Basically, yeah. The bug is "considered" working as intended by google/nvidia, but is actually exploitable, and can potentially be used and fixed on the switch indirectly.
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    I don't personally follow the RS team or what everyone does, i normally just poke in very few days, when i saw this i looked into it and what i posted by my general thoughts on it, but i do appreciate that you filled in that for me. I agree that i don't believe her meant harm by it, but beyond...
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    Maybe i have a different personal view on the world and how i would handle things, but i try to look at both sides of the story, and the way i'm look at it: K, and admitted to, making a poor decision without fully thinking through that it could affect the switch What we don't know is if nvidia...
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