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    Hacking NDS(i) - 3dstti

    hi this one seemed to work for me but again as with another firmware i tired the game card loads i can see the top skin but the games don't show in the bottom screen it is just showing the loading symbol. i have about 50 games on it i did have 70 and cut some out. do you know anything i can do...
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    GBAtemp's acekard 2 Review

    yeah a 4gb card does work that is what i have and i have 75 games on it and i still have 1gb left so it is worth getting a 4 gb ok
  3. tallandirish

    GBAtemp's acekard 2 Review

    I have an acekard and a dstt card and i really love my acekard better I have it now for 2years and i have had no trouble. The only difference there is really between the two cards is that the acekard puts the games in alphabetical order rather that making a new folder and cut and pasting them...
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