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    Hacking Enabling 480p for SM64 USA VC on non NTSC Wii

    I know forcing video modes via USBLoaderGX is a solution to this but i had some issues when i reset the console. It should be possible to adapt this for other VC Titles but for some reason MPAL is sometimes not included thus my code wouldn't fit(unless i cut that part out but idk how i feel...
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    Hacking Enabling 480p for SM64 USA VC on non NTSC Wii

    For the past couple of days i've been playing SM64(USA version) on my PAL Wii and i noticed something odd, the Video was in 480i instead of 480p while my wii was set to 480p in the settings. I decided to take a look at the intructions of the game itself and well, it seems like it only checks for...
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    ROM Hack Inazuma Eleven 3 Team Ogre Attacks ROM Hacks

    For save file editors you have NoFarmForMe3 or my new program called "Inazuma Eleven Toolbox". both programs have about the same functionality, NFFM3 is for the 3DS Games and mine is for the European Inazuma Eleven DS Games and Inazuma Eleven 3 for the 3DS. The things you can do are: Import...
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    Gaming Debug Mode in Inazuma Eleven 3 Team ogre attacks!

    I've discoverd this by editing INAZUMA.INI There is a certain flag called "RPG_SCRIPT_NO" and this is normally at 31010000 By looking at Eventinfo.txt i thought: "lets change that value in INAZUMA.INI to 39010000" I tried to do so in the japanese version of the game, it didn't work...
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    ROM Hack Request: Save file editor for Inazuma Eleven 3 (Team Ogre Attacks)

    I have succesfully edited saves before but idk if i'm capable of making a dedicated editor for it. I've done things like editing item count, adding moves to players, changing the level of a move, edit player stats(partially) and change what player you're scouting and the level of the scouted player
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    ROM Hack Inazuma Eleven 2 (EN) - Romhacking for Creativity!

    You can take a look at the code for my program to extract stats from the players, i know how the struct works for unitstat.dat, it's basically (PlayerID + 1) * 0x50 I've also made some writeups about structs in the repo but i can't send a link unfortunately The repo is called "Inazuma Eleven...
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    Hacking Wood AKMenu 1.25 running on R4i SDHC clone(iTouch clone apparently)

    Wood AKMenu 1.25 working on R4i SDHC I discovered what file it normally autoboots to and you can replace this with Wood AKMenu or even TWiLightMenu++. Sadly i wasn't able to boot games on TWiLightMenu, but games work on the Wood Kernel. The file you need to replace is R4i.SYS(and add the __rpg...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi i'm SwareJonge, I really like coding and Nintendo stuff(mainly NDS and Wii)
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