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    Hacking DARKCORP Safe?

    His response sounds pretty straight forward to me. you're friend is an idiot who couldn't follow a simple guide that a simple search can find for you. Or would you rather have a member come over and do it for you?
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    Homebrew Virtual Boy emulator for Wii?

    Personally, I think it'd be a fantastic idea. I never had the pleasure of personally owning a VB (though I made an offer to an old co-worker for $50, but his roommate pointed out that be a fantastic deal on my half, but not his :0p), but I did play on a friend's and loved every minute of it...
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    Gaming Mac Bootcamp

    Word of advice....don't use BootCamp. I've used it a couple times dual-booting with Vista/7 on my Macbook 2,1 and have had more problems than what it's worth. Look into rEFIt, a bootloader of sorts that sits over the Mac's EFI (their version of BIOS). Do a full format of your disk, install...
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    Hacking What is the best Flashcart for DSi?? isn't too bad either. I got my CycloDS from them. Paid extra for shipping, as I needed it in two days, but it got here quick, and there were no issues in the ordering process.
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    Hacking Is there a new DVD Backup Launcher?

    On that note, can you offer any insight to why my Wii won't let me install BootMii to boot2? I got it early 2008, and it came with Sys. Ver. 3.4 I think, and I was able to downgrade it to 3.2. I just updated to 4.2, then dropped back to 4.1 (I want to try some of the custom menus), but any...
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    Hacking Homebrew update issue

    Nevermind, just found this: Mods, can you delete this thread?
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    Hacking Homebrew update issue

    Hey all, I wasn't sure where to post this specifically, so I hope it's not a big deal if it's here. I'll repost somewhere else if needed. Anyways, on to it: I have HBC and a myriad of other mods and hacks done to my Wii, having updated it through Nintendo to a late 3.x version, and have since...
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    Gaming Windows 7 on Mac

    Wow, first off, learn to spell. Secondly, it's not a problem. I've been running RC1 on my macbook for a few months now. Some things to keep in mind though: If you want to run 64bit (only really needed if you have 4gb of RAM or more), you'll have to do some tweaking to the .iso for the Mac to...
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    Hacking Another EZ Flash V 3-in-1 Plus issue

    Heh, and two hours later, pick it up to see if my Cyclo will recognize it, and no dice. I've figured out it's because the board isn't making full contact with the pins in the GBA slot. I took it apart, put it in there, and held it down and it works just fine. Just have to figure out a way to...
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    Hacking Another EZ Flash V 3-in-1 Plus issue

    So, I dl'd the EZ4 client, like you said, and patched a ROM. Odd thing is, this morning when I powered on my DSL, guess what? The main DS menu is recognizing the GBA cart and will load the Mother 3 Fan Translation without a problem...Even though I did NOTHING to it since my last post....go...
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    Hacking Another EZ Flash V 3-in-1 Plus issue

    Does the battery constantly have a load, even when not in use? I've only logged a total of about 2 hours of use with Mother 3 flashed on it, and at most an additional hour as RAM expansion with an SNES emulator. Not doubting what you're saying, and I'll try the battery swap, but it just seems...
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    Hacking Another EZ Flash V 3-in-1 Plus issue

    Yeah, the point is, the cart and game were working before, but nothing is recognizing the cart now. Doesn't matter about where it's patched/flashed to, the NDS, CycloDS, and GBAExpLoader all do not recognize the cart. I'm wondering if anyone has seen any issues like this, or if my slot 2 cart...
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    Hacking Another EZ Flash V 3-in-1 Plus issue

    So, before anyone says "Why don't you search the forums?" I have. Multiple forums and sites at that. Here's the deal... I have a CycloDS Evolution for my DSL running firmware 1.56 beta 2, and for some reason neither it nor my DSL will recognize my EZFlash. I have the fan translation of...
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    Hacking iPod Nano 4th Gen - Will It Work?

    Yeah, I know. I was more specifically referring to LeonardoGolden who seems to be too lazy to make any attempts at anything on his own without someone holding his hand through it.
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    Hacking iPod Nano 4th Gen - Will It Work?

    Sorry to be so blunt, but why not just suck it up and try it? If all else fails, Apple gives you a 1 yr warr, and most retailers offer extended plans and wouldn't even blink to swap it out for you. I've never understood why people, when they can't just find an easy, exact answer to what...
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