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    Gaming Lego City: Undercover The Chase Begins Hype Thread

    Upon further review, this game actually looks pretty cool. Should be worth picking this one up.
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    Gaming [Essentials] Nintendo e-Shop

    Mega Man 2 +1 Mega Man 3 +1 Pushmo +1
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    Gaming Club Nintendo April Rewards

    Thanks for the info, probably going to order a couple..they sound like a good idea for people who are almost ocd-like regarding scratches on their 3ds xl's :D it's funny, with the pikachu 3ds...i always have to make sure it's shiny and clean, no prints/gunk/scratches. I have a couple micro-fiber...
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    Gaming Club Nintendo April Rewards

    I'm pretty sure the 18-game case (the plain one with all the different covers, not the foam one w/ styluses) is unavailable permanently now. It's not listed in the rewards anymore, not even in the 'temporarily sold out' section at the bottom. It's an awesome case though. The only thing that...
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    Gaming No more.

    That sucks, I loved her. Such a soothing voice, perfect enunciation, very relaxing. She'll find other work.
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    Hacking A new update tonight

    I updated. Kinda silly to sit and hope for something that will probably take years to materialize.
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    Hardware 3DS XL screen protector

    I bought a 4-pack (2 top/bottom) of 'Biogenik' brand protectors for like from EBGames and honestly, they are awesome. The bottom screen retains its sensitivity and they were very easy to apply. Also, when you clean them with whatever medium you use, they don't scuff/scratch at all. They were...
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    Homebrew NitroGrafx

    [reply to a message that no longer exists]
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    Homebrew NitroGrafx

    Anyone get Daimakaimura or Bonks 1 working with this?
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    Homebrew NitroGrafx

    TG-16 was such a good system, i loved those little hu cards..Nitrografx works a treat, thanks for all your work on it flubba.
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    Hardware Pikachu 3DS XL

    cool. judging by some 'pikachu 3ds xl sold out' searches i've done, there's some pretty disappointed people out there today.
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    Hardware Pikachu 3DS XL

    congrats :D oh don't forget to register both and get your free digital game from nintendo, link is here.
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    Hardware Pikachu 3DS XL

    I raced to walmart at 7:30am after checking their hours and realizing they opened at 7am. I had my wife check the day before and she told me they opened at 8am on sunday. WRONG. The sales lady had her little stock cart parked in front of the 3ds display, she was loading up the many copies of...
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    Hardware Pikachu 3DS XL

    Some places you do, yeah. At Future Shop (our best buy) they will look prices up on the sales floor PC. If you price match something from out of town they factor in what you would've paid in shipping too.
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