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    National Coming out day!

    Demisexual lesbian trans girl here. I honestly hope we can get to a point in the future where coming out isn't necessary, since you never stop coming out to new people you meet.
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to PC as an Epic exclusive

    Can't wait to play this on my PC again. It'll look so good! Also, I don't have a PS5 so I have played the Yuffie DLC yet. Yuffie was my favorite character from FF7.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie trailer shows off Tails and Knuckles

    I'm very excited about this movie. It looks like a step in the right direction. They seemed to have listened to criticism from the first movie. I'm definitely seeing this one in the theater.
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    What is "Art"

    Art is different for each person. One person's garbage is another's treasure. Be prepared for people to have radically different interpretations and definition, which for most artists is what makes them some passionate about it.
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Cheat Database

    Yeah, that ended up not working. I've just given up on using cheats at this point.
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    It finally happened (again)

    So I came out of the closet as trans at 26. I'm now 36. The last five years I haven't been on HRT, though, because the clinic I used to go to stopped taking my insurance. I was paying out of pocket for each visit (about $180) but then I lost my job. Life happened and I just lost touch with my...
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    Gaming The Future for Sonic the Hedgehog + Why ModernSonic ended up sucking?

    It does sometimes feel like people are a little too ready to shit on Modern Sonic because memes. They're in no way perfect games, but I wouldn't say they're not fun.
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    Mostly Nerd, Mostly

    Where I talk about my experiences with nerd culture and where I hope that things will be better in the future. I will probably talk a lot about Dungeons & Dragons, video games, Pokemon, and maybe a bit about fan fiction. Mostly, I imagine I will be talking to myself.
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    Gaming The Future for Sonic the Hedgehog + Why ModernSonic ended up sucking?

    I also was a weird kid. I played way more SA1 and 2 than Super Mario 64, for instance.
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    What is the best controller for PC games?

    I feel like I didn't actually explain my preference in my post, so here it goes: I personally find that the PS4 controller is a godsend for emulators. Not only that it has gyro support for Wii, Wii U, and Switch, but also the D-pad isn't trash for older games. I play a lot of GBA and NDS games...
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    What is the best controller for PC games?

    I've been playing with a PS4 controller for like six months and love it a lot better than a 360 or Xbox One controller.
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    What if GTA VI is online-only and no story mode?

    I honestly would not play it, I think. My friends and I did play a bit of GTA Online, but we eventually grew bored of it. We discovered that it was pretty boring after a few hours if you weren't willing to spend any real world money. What I enjoyed about GTA V was the modding. If GTA VI was...
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    Romhacker backports Grand Underground from Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl into Pokemon Platinum

    Wow! This hack looks incredible. Hackers are so talented!
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    EA reaffirms that Dragon Age 4 will be "single-player focused," more info to come next year

    I'm a huge Dragon Age fan and I have been waiting for DA4 for years. If this was EA from 2016, I would be concerned; however, Jedi Fallen Order has made me warily optimistic that DA4 could be good. I will remain hopeful.
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