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    PS1/2 [Essential] PlayStation 2 games

    +1 for: Dragon Quest VIII Final Fantasy X
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    Rune Factory 5's western release has been delayed to early 2022

    It is fine, I hope the game is great.
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    Just made an account so that I know when the Xbox series S jailbreak comes out

    if you want to run homebrew it probably will have a dev mode just like the current generation consoles.
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    Homebrew Question Run game from steam from Linux?

    steam is made for intel/amd CPU the switch ARM CPU is not compatible.
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    What Linux distros do you all use?

    Gentoo in my desktop and Manjaro in my laptop.
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    Hacking Nintendont

    Is there a way to change the default controller?, i am using the latest version on vwii, i can use the game cube controller(using the official adapter) and the wii classic controller pro through wii mote on the menu but once i start a game it uses the wii classic controller pro.
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