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    Homebrew Question State of RAM editing

    Yes, it could require a computer to find what you're looking for at first (instead of having it totally on the switch, at least at first) but still be able to apply the cheats you've already made just on the console itself. Kind of like what Japermen is showing right there. But hey Japermen are...
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    Not really, if you look at the latest commit they just removed reswitched from fusee and redid the ascii, and for some reason removed Schala from being much loved... Aww no more love for Schala? That's too bad... lol :D
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    Hacking AutoRCM turns itself on again.

    Have you tried turning it off and then on again? LOL j/k I just felt like saying that. Obviously that's part of the problem... I feel like there is something to this, I myself have been avoiding autorcm because of something I experienced even without autorcm enabled. See below-> I think it...
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    Hacking Private servers for online gaming?

    Nice info FAST, I'm interested in this too. And I wasn't even considering there might be legal issues when writing my post (when creating private servers for commercial games rather than custom homebrew games)... Solution is maybe to run the dedicated private servers from gigabit+ fiber lines as...
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    1. Changing the code so it's not vulnerable anymore doesn't mean they knew, it just means they changed the code enough that it stopped being vulnerable maybe without even realizing they patched something. If you change code that you think has vulnerabilities in it even if you don't know what...
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    Bolded text in which I reiterate this -> You must not be a gambling man Wierd_w... If you truly would like for more people's hands to be able to use exploit to gain control of their systems, then keeping it private for as long as possible makes it stay vulnerable for as many firmware and...
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    To all of that 'just handle it privately and pretend it was "creative differences" or some crap' I say FU! So a person whos dishonest and untrustworthy shouldn't be outed and be let to go a betray others as well? No, you become a traitor and betray your fellow coders and coding group, then you...
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    No you don't know that, thats what you want to believe it was... Rather it appears more like dishonesty masquerading as 'an honest mistake', at least that's what she hoped for us all to believe! What has been stated to refute it? With more information its now know that she sent it to google of...
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    Hacking ktemkin drama

    So wait we have a new bootrom bug? (In an unfortunate set of circumstances it seems) Besides the one that was already there and found and named fusee gelee? Zander if that one video is not just a trinket inside like some poster showed a video of, it appears yes it is a cool boot exploit where...
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    Hacking SX Pro, what's the micro USB for?

    Hmm, are you sure you grabbed it from the right dropdown box selected? Because that only contains the vendor id and not the device id, revision 0100 is the revision not the device id... It should look more like this: With the "VEN_XXXX" . & . "DEV_XXXX" Anyway I found something quite...
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    Hacking SX Pro, what's the micro USB for?

    Then with it inserted forget the windows driver finder thing, go straight to device manager and find the device and view it's properties. I forget which screen it's on but one of them will have dropdowns where you can see various details about it, check them out and specifically note the vendor...
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    Hacking Discussion So uh...i got banned but i dont know how ?

    Okay but why is SciresM doing that? Why the heck would you use custom error codes, when it's known that Nintendo knows those aren't valid error codes and detects it and bans based on that since it's not possible to have those error codes in logs through normal use! To me it would make more sense...
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    Barack Fu Officially Announced

    Lol!! No way, they actually called him by his real name too (in the sub text)! BARRY say it with me now SOETORO!!! lol This is hilarious, I'm glad somebody has a sense of humor about good ol' barry! lol Barrack FU more like Barrack Fuck You! :D haha
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    Hacking Proof TX used code stolen from #reswitched

    Yes Ev1l0rd, that's exactly why I go with GPL copyleft instead of a basic do anything you want license. It's a matter of respect and integrity! If you use some free software / open source code that you didn't write, but like and decided to use, then returning your modifications and changes back...
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    Gaming Smash 5 hatelist

    I want a SMASH THE STACK character! The finishing move knocks everyone off the screen fades it to black, and you see text scrolling as a payload is injected and then it boots up to cfw, and then everyone that was playing has to go back to doing something else, as you just forceably ended...
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