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    Hacking WiiU Virtual Console finally fixed! [No More dark filter, and widescreen support!]

    Just tried it out with a few games - works perfectly. Donkey Kong 64's probably the game that benefits the most from this - it supports widescreen natively. Looks decent, too- someone on reddit's been posting screenshots.
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    Comment by 'sieroi' in 'Transgender doesn't make sense'

    why is this garbage being pushed to the front page of the website why does this functionality even exist what possible advantage is there in providing exposure for individual GBAtemp users to air their shitty political opinions on a website about console homebrew jesus christ
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    Homebrew PPSSPP discussion and testing thread

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (the first game) runs pretty well. There are issues at area transitions (massive slowdown, the transition fade effect pulling an image that hasn't been onscreen for a few seconds), but beside that, it seems completely playable. Spends most of the time at...
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    Hacking Super Meat Boy PC Soundtrack Mod (for Wii U w/ SDCafiine)

    Fantastic mod. Surprised it hasn't been noticed by more people- it makes the game so much more enjoyable. Just for anyone trying it down the line- the mod works fine, but if you're having lag issues when loading new tracks with SDcafiine, you can get around them (and make the experience...
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    TT Games Opens New Studio to Create Mobile LEGO Games

    Still confused by their logo. What on Earth possessed them to change it from this?
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    Homebrew [Release] PicoDrive for 3DS

    Awesome. Of the two games I've tried so far- Panorama Cotton works perfectly, but Sonic 3 Complete (and I assume Sonic 3) has some audio issues- the Credits music's background track (you can trigger it from within the options menu- no need to complete the game) sounds kind of... garbled? The...
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    ROM Hack Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love translation [RELEASED]

    YES I've been looking forward to this one getting a release for such a long time now. So nice to see a final result- thank you!
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    ROM Hack Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love translation [RELEASED]

    Oh wow. Hell of a Christmas present. Definitely looking forward to this.
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    Homebrew HiyaCFW Discussion

    Huh. This thread got a little salty this week. Relax. It's just a console mod- you'll cope without it until they decide to release.
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    Hacking [RELEASE] Pkgi 0.04 - Install games directly on Vita (similar to FreeShop)

    I'm surprised that nothing like this ever got made for PSP. The URLs necessary to pull content from Sony's servers have been public knowledge for some time- as has the process necessary to convert the results into something CFW can work with.
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    Homebrew [HELP] I get error "002-0119" every time I want to play online.

    You have Luma. If you didn't, the console wouldn't even boot.
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    Homebrew Purchasing a 3DS console capable of homebrrw

    Every single 3DS model is homebrew-capable if you purchase a NTRBoot-compatible flashcart- whatever firmware version you're on. has a few links to reputable places to purchase the right flashcarts. You're after the "R4i Gold 3DS".
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    Homebrew HiyaCFW Discussion

    Just Flipnote. No exploit for the DSi Browser is known.
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    Homebrew Announcing RocketLauncher! The first exploit with unlocked Arm7!

    I'm just glad the project exists at all. I never expected DSi CFW to become a thing in the first place- we're ridiculously lucky that someone cares enough to work on it. The wait won't kill us.
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    Homebrew HiyaCFW Discussion

    The DSi Shop closed down months ago. The only thing still available for download is the 3DS Transfer Tool.
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