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    Give-away Happy New Year 2022 & Raffle Live Drawing (Updated With Winners)

    Thats cool I won! I was just looking at the new WarioWare game and thinking I would like to play it but I am super broke, so Merry Tempmas to me! Lol.
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    Give-away Tempmas 2021 Raffle Giveaway - entry thread (CLOSED)

    Merry Christmas and good luck to everyone! Hope I win :)
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    Blog: shango46

    Blog: shango46
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    Blog: shango46

    Blog: shango46
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    Blog: shango46

    Blog: shango46
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    Down the MC Mod rabbit hole...

    So... I started playing around with making mods for Minecraft. I made one after some fighting and learning and sleepless nights, and then published it. After that, I made 3 more. Then I decided "I should make a modpack and put my mods in it alongside other cool mods." So then I added over 150...
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    Give-away [CLOSED - WINNER ANNOUNCED] GBAtemp PocketGo S30 retro handheld give-away

    This looks like it could be fun to play with. Hope I win. Good luck to everyone!
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    Donald Trump Says Vaccine Comming Next Week

    How is it proven safe? Who can show me the long term clinical trials? Who are the doctors that are willing to put their careers on the line to say its safe? I never said I would not take it. I said I will wait until I am confident it is safe.
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    Donald Trump Says Vaccine Comming Next Week

    All I know is this vaccine came out pretty quick, whereas a vaccine for other serious things have been worked on for 30+years and still nothing on the market... Sounds like something out of a post apocalyptic graphic novel. Like something headed by Umbrella Corp. I like the idea of a vaccine and...
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    Nintendo has reportedly gone after the Super Mario 64 PC port, making copyright claims over it

    I have looked on Google and DuckDuckGo and I can only find articles about it, but not the actual game... I would love to add this to my collection of "Nintendo doesn't like this!" collection of fan made games, but Nintendo is apparently doing a good job taking it down.
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    PlayStation 2 emulator PCSX2 gets updated to version 1.6.0

    All I want to know is.... Can it play BurnOut 3 without graphic errors yet? If so I will give it another go.
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    Anyone want to play Sky Factory 4?

    Hello everyone! I was recently laid off due to COVID-19, so I decided to play some Sky Factory 4. For those who do not know, SF4 is a mod pack for java Minecraft. I set up a new server and have been playing for the past couple of days with my son, but I want more people to play with. If you are...
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    Give-away Retroflag update SUPERpi cases with faux cartridge slots + GIVE-AWAY!

    I would love one of these. It would make for quite the retro set up.
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