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    Vicarious Visions merger ended plans for more Tony Hawk remakes

    I think UG2 was where they started to lose sight of what mattered, UG had a story but it didn't get in the way of anything at all and was well written and thought out as a good excuse to do stuff as well as compel the player.
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    ROM Hack Question What is the general procedure of making 60fps patches for switch games?

    Same thread different game, Gal*Gun Double Peace it was, since well, it may as well be the best one. Holy shit I am not cut out for this, I have no idea how to use ghidra, (memory editing didn't yield anything workable, even though it seemed like it did) and this game is the only game I've tried...
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    Tutorial Forcing 4:3 display in Wii retail VC injections

    At the end I get told the AES key is the wrong size and it aborts, any ideas?
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    Hacking [Semi-working] NFS2ISO2NFS - convert nfs to iso and back

    "I've been getting AES key file has wrong file size! Exiting..." I used file explorers FTP capabilities Edit: managed to make it work by renaming the htk to the common key
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    Hacking [RELEASE] UWUVCI + Injectiine

    Success! I had to install the USA version of the Wii's uh, homescreen thing to make it work, (I have a PAL Wii U) but it sure worked! Noe all that's left for me to do is figure a way to get the game to launch in 4:3
  6. Shahaan

    Hacking [RELEASE] UWUVCI + Injectiine

    NTSC is still bugged, according to compat NTSC works on an NTSC system... But I won't give up. I'll try change the region of my Wii au and my vWii then try again
  7. Shahaan

    Hacking [RELEASE] UWUVCI + Injectiine

    I've tried the PAL version and I can confirm its worked as intended (used redump), I'll get a redump of the NTSC version and see how it goes this time, I may have to use Tecnomoon's injector since I recall it having a 4:3 option though that may have been for Gamecube games (otherwise I'll just...
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    Hacking [RELEASE] UWUVCI + Injectiine

    This is pretty weird, I wonder if its due to a game revision? Maybe its based on the PAL release which I've heard does work. I'll see if any of those work, thanks for the offer
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    Hacking [RELEASE] UWUVCI + Injectiine

    I've been wanting to play Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 without motion controls (game supports classic controller, which I do not have) but upon selecting options to make it work as such the game will boot as if there was only a wii remote connected without a classic controller, forcing the...
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    Pillars of Eternity II's Switch port appears to be canceled

    Versus Evil... Ouch I haven't heard that name in a long time They were behind Afro Samurai 2 Kuma's Revenge from 2014 iirc It was supposed to be episodically released but that went down the pipe when the reviews came in, game was buggy, looked worse than the previous one which was last gen and...
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    Capcom launches mysterious countdown timer website

    Tmw you call something shit because its not what you wanted
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    Atlus sets up teaser website for Soul Hackers, reveal coming February 21st

    It's a new game, there was a teaser stream where you could submit questions to twitter to get answered and the video was a timer spliced with hazy screenshots that flashed abruptly at points, there's a new MC and a couple of familiar locations from Soul Hackers
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    Giraffe and Annika! announced for consoles

    A couple years later and I realised it doesn't look too bad and oldheads from iNiS worked on it, I always wanted them to to make SOMETHING interesting again so it was a real eye opener while looking at the company history even if its not them directly
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    Hardware Hacking Homebrew May have bricked, now what?

    Thanks,the stratosphere tip saved my carts, now I won't have a need to go back to OFW, it confused me because the config template was there but not the config
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    Hardware Hacking Homebrew May have bricked, now what?

    So after trying to get my Cartridges to read (yes I disabled AutoNoGC it didn't work) and seeing my H.O.S was 6.2.0 somehow and I couldn't boot to OFW and didn't know how to proceed I decided to update to 13.2.0 with daybreak (FAT32) from 11.0.1 Then this stuff happened, booting from fusee...
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