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    Homebrew Official Retroarch WiiU (wip.)

    The same issue here :cry: I´m using RetroArch v 1.8.4 just overwriting CrazyMAC pack version without changing anything The rest is working fine
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    Hacking WiiFlow Lite Theme - Rhapsodii

    Hi!. Very Nice theme!. How do i change from Wii covers to Gamecube?. The button on the right disapeared after chose this theme. Thx!!
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    Homebrew Super Mario War and NEC PC8801 Emulator

    I'll publish this at @SoloEmuladores (twitter) this sat/25/08/2017 and sun/26/08/2017 Thanks a lot for this great work!!!!!
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    Homebrew FBZX Wii - Wii U pro controller support

    What a great news!. FBZX Wii (and GenPlusGX) are the best emulators out there for Wii & WiiU I'm publishing every new version here: People loves and enjoy a lot every update of your ZX Spectrum emulator Thanks a lot @oibaf
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    Homebrew FCE Ultra GX Mod [Preview + WiiUPro + ScreenShot button]

    Let me see if I understand, because your message is too sort. I've got a lot of freezing issues too. Do you mean that deleting all .cht files, all freezing issues desapeared?
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    Homebrew OpenBOR v3.0 Build 4183 and a few nightlies

    Thanks for the info!
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    Homebrew NeoGeo emulation reach new highs

    Nice to see you here again @sr_corsario I remember this really old thread you are talking about. It was the most interesting one in months :yay:
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    Homebrew Hatari Wii 0.0.5

    Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Homebrew WiiMail - An email client for the Wii

    nice to see new homebrew on Wii :bow:
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    Homebrew FCE Ultra GX Mod [Preview + WiiUPro + ScreenShot button]

    Hi @Zopenko , I'm publishing your updates here Thanks a lot for this really really great work!
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    Homebrew Looking for emulators

    take a look at this repository: - It's a compilation of homebrew and emulators for Wii very updated. Folder names are in spanish, but it's easy to find anything.
  12. sabandellos


    Thanks a lot nitr8 Take a look at SoloEmuladores (twitter) tomorrow 22/Nov/2014 ;) ;) :yaywii:
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    Homebrew New VBA GX fork (2.3.0)

    OMG!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bow:
  14. sabandellos

    Homebrew TG16/PCE CD Updates? Have fun!
  15. sabandellos

    Homebrew Wiituka

    Tell it to the author: He is spanish. As far as I know, he's a good person. Why don't you try? Good Luck ;-)
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