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    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] Forcing the European (PAL) Kirby TV Channel (Flash 9) for run in NTSC-U Wii consoles

    This is really cool. Can you still access the videos, or is it just the legacy channel shell now? Curious about how functional this still is before trying to add it to my Wii.
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    Gaming Breath of The Wild DLC 2 on Wii U USB Helper??

    You may have an answer to a question I've been wondering for ages. Im on 5.5.1U and am running Haxchi (not CB] - occasionally I get prompted to do a system update, but am really hesitant to do so because I dont know what will happen (i.e. it "should be ok" but Ive never received confirmation...
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    Hacking is that wiiu title key website down? (edited title)

    Did you manage to get a copy of Animal Crossing Plaza? That is super difficult to find (was delisted from Nintendo's e-shop years ago). If so, can you please send me a DM? Im really curious if it still works
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    Hacking Migrating a (delisted) eshop download between consoles - easy / hard / or impossible?

    There is a 'game' I really want that was a free download from the e-shop, but has been delisted for a few years, so getting it from the e-shop is not an option (either directly or via USB helper). I can't find a copy of it online to download anywhere, so it seems like my only option is to...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    GREAT post - thank you so much. Needed to figure out how to update USB loader GX manually (the auto function was saying it was fully updated, but it wasnt).
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    Hacking Problem with WUP installer GX2

    I think I've figured it out - just tried using a USB thumb drive and that works, so it seems like there was some kind of issue w/ HDD compatibility (I was using one with an external power source, but it seemed the longer it took to install files, the higher chance that it would fail - so Im...
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    Hacking Problem with WUP installer GX2

    Unfortunately - still crashing mid file transfer. I was pretty sure that would work (dammit!!). Thanks for the suggestion and back to the drawing board, I guess. Just in case anyone else with a similar problem wants to try that solution, here's how you disable sleep mode. [edit: posted this...
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    Hacking Problem with WUP installer GX2

    That's a great question, was not aware this was a function in the Wii OS - but it fits the symptoms very well. Will try it out and report back.
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    Hacking Problem with WUP installer GX2

    Note - this seems to be a similar problem to the one described here but I've tried all of those solutions, and none work, so something different must be wrong. So I am aware of that thread, but its not helping. What happens: When I add files to my SD card, and try using WUP installer to install...
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    Hacking problem with WUP installer (was working but now it isn't)

    Recently modded my Wii U (5.5.1U) using Haxchi (not CBHC) and then used WUP installer to install some games. Everything went well and I got a few of them installed perfectly. Most of them prompted me for an update, to which I responded 'no' (I also blocked auto updates before modding the system...
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    Hacking Game won't start - how to check?

    I'm having a very similar problem - when you mention the icon that's a problem - just to be clear, you mean in the main folder name, not the text inside tik file, right? My folder names have been the game title and " [ ] " with the title ID inside (eg - The Wonderful 101 [000500001012dc00] ) -...
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    Homebrew Specific question before backing up NAND

    Crap. That's what I was worried about. I already have a 32gb SD card, and would prefer not to buy a 64gb one if I dont need to. Is there some way I can selectively copy over the important parts of it, or is that some mess that I don't want any part of. Background - I am at kind of a medium level...
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    Homebrew Specific question before backing up NAND

    I know rule of thumb is you need an SD card that has 2x the size of your system memory (i.e. 64gb for a black 32gb Wii U). But if my console is pretty empty (no digital downloaded games) what are the consequences / risks of using a 32gb SD card, since I'm planning to immediately transfer the...
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    Hacking Hacking the WiiU: A Simple Progress Guide

    This is a FANTASTIC post. Thank you very much!! There are about a million laundry lists out there of 'how to' mod a Wii U, but getting some basic high level perspective on what is going on, and how this has changed over time is surprisingly difficult. Again, I cant thank you enough for taking...
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    Homebrew Buying a Wii U tonight, last min Q about menu versions ...

    I guess what I'm asking is, is there a version newer than 5.5.2 that is unhackable? i.e. can you go too far updating a console?
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