Migrating a (delisted) eshop download between consoles - easy / hard / or impossible?

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    Jun 7, 2016
    There is a 'game' I really want that was a free download from the e-shop, but has been delisted for a few years, so getting it from the e-shop is not an option (either directly or via USB helper). I can't find a copy of it online to download anywhere, so it seems like my only option is to migrate it from someone else who downloaded it and still has a copy on their Wii U (so transfer between two consoles, with two different NNIDs).

    My Q is: how difficult would it be to do this - is it fairly easy? (can be done using an existing homebrew app) Is it doable, but super hard? (i.e. would require proprietary hacking) Is it next to impossible? Side question: would I need CFW to run it? (I'm assuming, yes. I have CFW anyway, so it doesn't really matter, I'm just asking out of curiosity). In case it matters, the game is: Animal Crossing Plaza (which is almost more like a screensaver, but adorable nonetheless). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!
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    Look into the homebrew ddd. It would allow you to dump the game in loadliine format(code content and meta folders) through ftp to your pc, then you could repack it with nuspacker, and install on the new console via WUP installer. I don't think it would require CFW to run as that seems to be limited to DLC and VC titles but i could be wrong.
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    or run the browser hack on your friends wiiu and dump the tickets with tik2sd. it's an easy process and your friend don't need to keep the hack on his/her wiiu if it's not wanted.
    all you need to do then is upload the generated keys.txt file to the keys site and wait a little for the game(s) in question to appear.
    if it's a delisted game thats missing from the keys site then the tik2sd method would be helping the scene by making the delisted game available for everyone.
    of course you should get your friends permission to do this.
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