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    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition leaked by Korean ratings board

    How long does it usually takes to go from rating to release?
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    Hardware 2ds and 3ds circlepad swap

    Where is a good place to buy replacement circle pads for New 2ds XL if you want one as close as the original? I just want to replace the rubber pad on top.
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    Homebrew [DS(i)/3DS] TWiLight Menu++ - GUI for DS(i) games, and DS(i) Menu replacement

    Can you keep the NDS games together with the 3DS titles in the main menu?
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    Who the hell are you?

    Male and I happen to be from the world's most politically correct country in the world.
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    Underrated games only you seem to like?

    I liked Vexx for the Gamecube/PS2.
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    Do you watch old TV shows more than new ones?

    Yupp, I can't really name that many new tv-show that I watch. Not counting new episodes of South Park or American Dad etc.
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    Dune 2021

    I liked it, hopefully we dont have to wait too long for a sequel.
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    What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Cleaning and went for a walk.
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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Can you install DS-games with FBI? I am interested in playing Resident Evil DS on my 3DS.
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    Hacking "What is a legit cia?" (and other noob CIA questions ANSWERED)

    Is it safe to install the software update for all cia-games? Sometimes when I install a new cia-file, it says that a software update is available.
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    Official hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp tool

    Okay, for me the little red light won't turn green when I plug it in to the PC. So I'm guessing that means that the Genesis can't get a connection with the PC.
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    Official hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp tool

    I get the "Your device it taking too long to boot" message, I read something about Zadig working for the Snes Mini, is it working for the Genesis too?
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    What's a game that you could play over and over?

    Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Resident Evil 4, Freedom Fighters. Probably a few others as well but these are the ones I've been playing again last couple of years.
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    Firmware Nintendo 3DS gets a new firmware update for version 11.14.0-46

    I'm not sure what order I did it in, but I have Lumia 2.5 and I've updated my 3DS a while back. Does it matter what order you do it in? I can't really say if it was just a glitch or something. I let the 2DSXL charge over night at one point, like really long, even after the indicator stopped...
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    Firmware Nintendo 3DS gets a new firmware update for version 11.14.0-46

    All of a sudden the battery-indicator went from blinking read to full battery in about 1 hour. Have turned on the 3DS since then and for now it seems to be working fine. First time I've had this happened to me.
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