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    Nintendo Switch hackers Team Xecuter leaders arrested, charged in federal indictment

    Welp, I guess I'll finally have to migrate to Atmosphere once a future game comes out that depends on a future Switch firmware that is no longer supported by SX OS. I'll miss XCI loading greatly when that day arrives. EDIT: And what I mean by depend on is -- a game that ACTUALLY requires a...
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    Nintendo has reportedly gone after the Super Mario 64 PC port, making copyright claims over it

    What they're going after are compiled binaries of it since those contain game assets. The source code hasn't been gone after so far. I don't think Nintendo wants to risk setting a legal precedent by trying to take down the source code or gag the developers. Sony going after Bleem! caused a...
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    Super Mario 64 PC port has been released!

    Possible idea for a fork to make distributing the binary OKish: Change it so that instead of it building the game's assets into the game executible it instead uses external files that you extract from the ROM image. Eg, /sfx/ for sound effects /textures/, etc that way even the compiled binary...
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    Hacking CFW Comparison Chart

    As an SX OS, it sucks that SX OS does not support, and likely never will (because it is proprietary and payware - so only their newest modchip products will support that - if anything). Proprietary for-profit software tends to be abandoned in terms of new features much sooner than open source...
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    Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?

    Never. Bacteria is beneficial, especially bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract. You help maintain a diversity of antibodies and thus a robust immune system by avoiding hand washing altogether. And when you do wash them, use only room temperature water. Reports of sickness at eating...
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    A law firm has begun an investigation for a class action lawsuit on Nintendo over Joy-Con drift

    Good. I'm sick of corporations deliberately building things to fail not long after the warranty period. Things use to be built to last. Now I cannot find a table fan that doesn't have a sealed motor to allow me to re-lubricate the bearings myself every 3-4 years from heavy use. I really hope it...
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    A law firm has begun an investigation for a class action lawsuit on Nintendo over Joy-Con drift

    As someone that had a left Joy-Con drift fresh out of the box last month - neon yellow - I filled out the form. If they need a plaintiff to sign on in the state of KY I will happily agree to do so. I don't care about the money, Nintendo needs its hand forced.
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    Hardware Joycons malfunctioning? Keeps moving in direction

    Because it's a hassle to do since I'm disabled and so dropping it off is an ordeal and here UPS charges to pick it up. Plus there's no guarantee the replacement wouldn't drift out of the box either. Plus this way there's no waiting if I fix it myself. They hooked me up once though. Because...
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    Hardware Joycons malfunctioning? Keeps moving in direction

    I had this problem on a BRAND NEW set of Joy-Cons from Amazon. Ridiculous. Instead of paying for shipping to get it repaired by Nintendo I used WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner (NOT the regular WD-40, using that will kill your controller, but the 'Specialist' kind labelled for use on...
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    Homebrew WIP SphiNX - Nintendo Switch emulator

    Closed source is very unfortunate. Especially if this becomes another Cemu situation where new versions are put behind a paywall. Or Redream where certain features are locked behind a paywall. Also, when the author of closed source software loses interest and/or time the project dies. Whereas...
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    Hacking Pirate group release Switch Master Key

    Someone made a 'freedom of speech flag' that uses the key cited in the NFO (called such by the original which used hexadecimal HTML color codes and the last two hexadecimal digits of the AACS key were represented as black text imposed over the bottom right to represent the AACS 1.0 high level...
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    Hacking Pirate group release Switch Master Key

    It's no matter since only people with access to scene topsites can get the uncensored NFO. Google has scrubbed the key from all search results, and all NFO mirrors have scrubbed the NFO as well. Looks like the key is gone.
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    Emulation [RELEASE] Cemu - Wii U emulator

    Not for pre-GCN users apparently. In my screenshot it shows I am using the 'd' subversion. Also another person above on the Radeon HD 5000 series seems to be experiencing the same glitching I am on the 'd' version.
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    Emulation [RELEASE] Cemu - Wii U emulator

    Any plans to fix the graphical glitching for pre-GCN AMD users? I am on the 6000 series -- namely Radeon HD 6970. Thanks. More description of the glitches I am experiencing: Repeating textures when the room I screenshotted below was still shadowy and foggy. It's like there are little pieces of...
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    Gaming Has anyone gotten banned from playing Pokemon Moon online?

    In the vast majority of countries, copyright infringement and theft are two separate statutes. Therefore it is hyperbole to state that copyright infringement ("piracy") is theft/stealing. It is copyright infringement. Nothing more and nothing less. No need to be hyperbolic about it. Still...
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