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    Paper Mario is the next Nintendo 64 game to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online lineup

    behind what claim? just look at some old zelda 64 concept art or the famous gamcube tech demo and u know what i mean and the other thing with the dark concept is too scary was from an interview (i think it was the 25 anniversary interview but im not sure)
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    PS1/2 Fmcb on a 900XX

    thanks but i allready got it working
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    Paper Mario is the next Nintendo 64 game to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online lineup

    tbh my limit was reached back in the gc days when windwaker came out ...yes im still salty that big N didnt went with the darker gothic fantasy zelda concept idea just because they thought kids would might be scared
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    What is the Worst Legend of Zelda Game of All Time?

    botw ... that aint no zelda no more! before that windwaker was my least fav of it all but with the years i started to appreciate that game
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    PS1/2 Does action replay will run on modbo 5 mod chip

    wich action replay ? the memory card one or the disk one?
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    Pokémon Crystal debacle - help!

    nope but u can dump a new save then make him the "same" team with pkhex (i think that would be a legitimate case) and flash the save back onto the gbcard
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    So dann will ich nun auch mal mich vorstellen bin 29 straight outta ruhrpott und hab mich nach jahren auch mal hier angemeldet meine interessenbereiche sind Pflanzen und elektronik/pc/gaming /modden etc also wen wer mal bei was hilfe brauch einfach anschreiben ich beiße nich ... nur...
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    The Meme Box

    I dont have friends ... i have family....
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp now allows foreign language Groups

    let me teach you some german : Guten Tag is good day in german , Willkommen is welcome , Auf Wiedersehen is good bye and here is a lil slang term for goodbye : Hau Rein
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    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Link Trade Issues.

    just wait for some time(i think abhout 10-15min) and youre lucky that your save not got corrupted the remakes are very sensible if your game crashes at the wrong moment your savefile wil be gone
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    The Meme Box

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    Trading between a legit and a pirated copy of pokemon

    its safe (got same situation with my sword legal und shield "backup") and your friend is wrong there are no checks if its from a pirated game or not
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    the most common reasons for blackscreen after updating are : old atmosphere version , systemmodules (those are addons like tesla overlay,emuiibo,mission control etc) and custom themes if you aint sure about being bannend then do it manually (do a fresh install of atmosphere +hekate just drag...
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    or just use aio updater from sysnand and update everything through that and tick yes when it asks to overwrite the ini and tick yes at the startupflag prompt
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