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    Hacking [QUESTION] Are there any resources on the functionality of SX / HWFLY?

    Since we are talking about fpga, can anyone explain why those chips with QFN packaged fpga are flashable, but BGA packaged aren't? Aren't spacecraft-nx just updating the firmware on the gd32 microcontroller?
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    Hacking New Atmosphere Update Incompatible With Pokemon Sword (SWSH)?

    It's a cartridge game, so sigpatches shouldn't matter. Have you tried a nsp/xci version? Also have you tried deleting the emummc folder on sd card? I once had a similar problems where a game won't boot, had to delete that folder. Note make a backup as you'll lose all installed games on sd card.
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    GBAtemp Exclusive Anbernic Win600 Impressions

    Lmao that cpu is as powerful as some 10 years old mobile processors. Paired with vega 3, it should be a crime to call it a gaming pc. Tbh you might as well pick up an unpatched switch, there's no decent handheld pc at that price range.
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    Feedback Misc Need help switch lite banned

    Is your switch modded? Also are you sure it's a console ban or a account ban? If it's not modded don't think they'll go for a console ban directly, usually they'll just ban the account if it's being toxic in certain games or if it's using a stolen card.
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    Hacking Most NSPs random freeze

    Have you tried to initialize the console? Also try to update to latest firmware. I once worked on a weird oled console which won't enter OFW at all, always hang at switch boot logo. Even if it enters system, I can't really do anything as it will just throw me an error and ask me to reboot. Did...
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    Hardware Hacking I think my left joycon killed my switch battery

    Just plug it into the official charger and leave it overnight. Charging is very slow in RCM mode. If you have a usb tester you can use that to see if it's really charging.
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    Tinfoil Shops dont work(13.1.0)

    Actually none of them are dead, for the first shop in luffshop's list you need to request an access key, join their discord for more details (I think it's all in the error message). The second and third shop require a one-time donation to access, basically you buy any amount of eshop card and...
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    Hacking Is there any HWFLY for v2 Switch installation guide that isn't video?

    If you are installing hwfly/sx core on v2, you don't even need a guide.. Only soldering you need to do are sp1 and sp2 points on SoC QSB. Clip the nand module to modchip, insert QSB's ribbon into the connector and clip modchip itself to motherboard. That's it, no need to scratch the soldering...
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    OLED Hekate slow with SD

    Why's the text so large? Seems to be the same font as the one on the no sd card screen. Try another sd card maybe? or format it properly with something like FAT32format GUI
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    Hwfly Oled randomly boots OFW

    that only resets the chip, I've tried that multiple times and it doesn't improve the stability in any way. Reboot like 5-10 times the chip will get stuck at purple led again. Also when the chip gets stuck it will reset itself, since the next cold boot takes about half minute.
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    Comparison of modchips on the market

    Any chip would work since they all work the same way, all you need to do is soldering those 4 wires properly. For lite i'd recommend getting the flashable oled v4 or the latest lite v4.1 (if you want to use QSB instead of jumper wires). Personally I wouldn't recommend getting anything unflashable.
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    It's supposed to be a one off sale, but I still have a black/white console and one v4 chip left...

    It's supposed to be a one off sale, but I still have a black/white console and one v4 chip left. Was planning to keep it for myself but if you want I can consider selling it. PM me if you are interested. Thanks
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    Half life 2 running on switch.. thanks to portal (not released yet))

    Actually there are multiple branches iirc. hl2/hl2ep1/hl2ep2/portal and css use source 2013 branch, portal 2 has its own branch, l4d/l4d2 have their own branch and csgo has its own branch. Half life alex and dota 2 use source 2.
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    Half life 2 running on switch.. thanks to portal (not released yet))

    We only have half life 1, which has been ported to pretty much everything with xash3d engine. Anything source engine based (hl2, hl2ep1, hl2ep2) isn't. There's an official half life 2 andoird release for tegra devices but android 10 update on switch broke it. Anyway that's faster than I...
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    For anyone gets "the software was closed because an error occurred" when portal 2 is loading, you need to turn on airplane mode

    As title suggests. Apparently portal 2 is another game that will error out when nintendo servers are blocked by dns mitm. Btw very decent port. Finally I can play portal on my switch, been pulling my hair out trying to get portal working on switchroot android until I realized it's not supported...
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