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    Things you recently bought or got

    I got some uranium glass
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    Why Do People Not Boycott Sony For Treating Customers Like Filth

    I loved the rootkits sony used to put on their audio cds to cripple PCs
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    Is there any reason to still use an XBOX 360?

    Where am I going to find a cracked PC version of Lollipop Chainsaw?
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    Games you gave up on

    I loved that game but now that I think of it I never did kill the final boss. He was hard.
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    Games you gave up on

    Chrono Trigger. I know everyone loves it. I've really tried twice and was not interested. Final Fantasy 13. I really wanted to play more but the combat is so boring. Made it to the big field and that's about where I quit. Skies of Arcadia. Combat again sucks. People slowly walk around to their...
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    Gaming Got a free wii from a church, cant access wii settings

    Years ago I did a trick on my friends Wii he had messed up to the point that it didn't boot. I used a GC controller which I had to mod the D pad so you could push down in the middle to click all 4 directions at once. There was a cone behind it on the inside preventing this, just cut the end off...
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    First game you remember playing?

    A stand alone multi pong game or maybe Masters of the Universe on Intellivision.
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    Saints Row reboot officially revealed, launches early next year

    I started with 3 and absolutely loved it. GTA is too serious, this similar but silly game was much better. 4 was the same thing but I finished it. 5 was the same thing again. Didn't play much. Hopefully this is a bit different.
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    I got a idea

    I don't see any reason for the xp in the first place. Look at post count if you want to see who's active.
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    Gaming Anybody found Bowser's Fury somewhat scary for kids?

    For kids now? Could be. When I was a little kid I was watching zombies eat people and Jason and Freddy slice people up.
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    Hardware what will you do with the raffled Switch OLED if you win it?

    I already have a patched but modded one that I've put all of 20 minutes on. I'd probably see what I could get for one or the other.
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    Profile Pictures. Tell us why you choose it!

    I stole it from a CoF fan art page 20 years ago because I liked it. It has kind of become my personal logo. I have it tattooed on my arm.
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    Hacking Question How big is the possibility that there is another RCM exploit?

    There are 100 exploits waiting to be found. It takes time and work. Nothing is made perfect.
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    Hardware What do you still use Nintendo 3DS for now that the Switch exists?

    I bought a Switch I got a deal on then had no interest in playing it yet. I have played my 3ds. So I use it for playing games I guess.
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