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    Gary Bowser from Team Xecuter pleads guilty to charges, agrees to pay Nintendo $4.5 million

    T-Minus how long until Mr. Bowser declares bankruptcy???
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    A not so remembered game that means a lot to you.

    Forgot to add on my earlier post... Wing Commander 2 on PC. Set the standard for modern gaming imho...
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    A not so remembered game that means a lot to you.

    Deja Vu on NES was one of my favorites. I could beat it in less than 15 min back in the day. Smurfs Escape from Gargomels Castle was another. Used to go to my dads house and play Coleco. Simpler times...
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    Hardware Sent swtich in for repair, now I cant use SXos

    Yea I think they swapped it too... bummer... Thanks everyone!
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    Hardware Sent swtich in for repair, now I cant use SXos

    Hey everyone, I sent my switch in for repair. It had firmware 4.1 on it. They sent it back and it was firmware 9.1. Whatever. However, now I cant use SX OS (and atmosphere of course). Holding volume + plus power and it wont turn on. Remove the jig and press power, switch turns on. Repair is...
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    Retro-Bit shows off its "improved" take on a Dreamcast controller, set for release this year

    I have bought 3 Retro fighters controllers. 1 n64 and 2 Saturn controllers. All had issues. The 64 controller was still a great redesign and would still work. The Saturn were a step above crap. Ghost key presses happen constantly. I love their redesign on the DC controller but I will be buying...
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    Homebrew WIP Diablo-NX - Nintendo Switch Port of DevilutionX (Diablo)

    Love your channel MVG! Thanks for all you do!
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    Homebrew RELEASE Switch homebrew team 2168-0002 releases dedbae xci2nsp: A smarter, faster XCI to NSP converter

    May be stupid here but anyone know where to get the precompiled binary? Thanks!
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    Bethesda blocks sale of used game, claims it was to "protect buyers"

    Bethesda is well in their rights to do this. However, their corporate attorney is not cheap and to go after a single individual selling just one copy is extremely heavy handed and seems to me to be a waste of time. How did they even find the time to find this sale in the first place? Or I should...
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    The beginning of the end for freeShop - first party titles no longer downloadable

    Checked for hell of it and titlekeys is gone. That means no wiiU either evidently...
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    Emuparadise will no longer offer ROMs or warez

    Roms are going to go further and further underground it looks like
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    What's your most cherished and favorite childhood cartoon?

    My serious list is the following Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (never seen any reruns) Thundercats Batman the Animated Series X-men Lot of other great ones but those were the tops...
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    Super FX on SD2SNES now!!!!

    I’ve decided to buy one on Black Friday.
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    Pokemon Go Friend Code thread

    0806 0891 6485
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