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    Hacking Quakespasm-spiked issue

    I asked about this on r/vitahacks but nobody is answering, so I'll post it here. I installed Quakespasm-Spiked recently and I've been at it all week, i can't find a solution anywhere. So QSS should function with the full quake files (pak0, pak1) along with the lights pak. Problem is that QSS...
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    Homebrew [RELEASE] ctrQuake - Quake 1 port

    So i got myself another 3ds and got Quake on it. Did something change for running mods? I keep crashing with a translation-section error. Something about ctrquake.3dsx
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    Hacking [Release] Max Payne r2 by fgsfds & TheFlow

    This isn't helping me at all. I'm at an impasse here and you suggest me to read the instructions again? I keep getting c1-2818-9 and you say to read again? I don't see anything in there mentioning IF that error even happens
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    Hacking [Release] Max Payne r2 by fgsfds & TheFlow

    I can't even install the psm runtime. It's not letting me at all
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    Gaming The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Portable Restoration Mod

    Idc about not playing it online, I just want to explore the mod. Does it have a specific name so i won't have to waste time to search it everywhere?
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    Gaming The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Portable Restoration Mod

    Do you still have the iso for it? The video has been set to private and can't be viewed
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    Software RetroArch v1.8.0 released, improves UI for mobile users

    I tried to get into Retroarch and i just can't understand it at all.I'm on PS Vita and I choose "scan directory" for my roms and only finds half of what i have. I really wish Retroarch wasn't that picky over rom detection. Yes, i do have some romhacks. It would be very appreciated if I could get...
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    id Software delays 'DOOM Eternal' and announces 'DOOM 64' for other platforms

    Waiting for a vita version though it will never happen..
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    Hacking [Release] Chocolate Doom

    Any existing bots for this? i found a dehacked bot mod but its not that good
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    Gaming Pinball Hall of Fame: Gottlieb Collection black screen

    Hi I downloaded said game but it can`t be played because the game boots to a black screen. I even tried through pkgj and still the same result. Oddly enough, Williams works but it doesn`t have my fave table in it. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Hacking [RELEASE] vitaQuake - Quake porting for PSVITA

    Obviously, you're running mods that are too intensive for the game. Quake 2 weapons project works quite well for me as well as DMSP2. Try smaller mods that work with vanilla quake.
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    Hacking [RELEASE] vitaQuake - Quake porting for PSVITA

    The current version has limited support for certain mods. Version 2.5 has better mod support. As for Quake 1 arena, you have a better chance using the psp version on adrenaline. I've updated the railgun if you're interested. Simply replace the progs folder with the one in the archive. More...
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    Homebrew Question: SCP: CONTAINMENT BREACH 3DS PORT?

    Since it is there's unity-based version, i doubt it would happen. You almost had me there for a sec. Ps Vita can run unity games that are made for it, so there's a very small chance for it to happen. Can't make any promises.
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    Homebrew [Updated] Quake "not" Live 3ds!

    Hello everyone! Sorry for the long wait, i kinda moved to the vita scene. Don't worry, i didn't forget about the good ol' 3ds. So I've been messing around the mod files again and fixed the railgun's trail, making it fire a bolt of energy instead of a solid blue line. I've also swapped the model...
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    Homebrew Release! Quake "not" Live 3ds

    Updated build coming soon. Stay tuned
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