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Nov 25, 2017
Jan 30, 2016
    1. EthanAddict
      I just wanted to shitpost on your wall just like all the other people, of which, very few get your reply, and probably, piss you off, like this
    2. Cjmcgiv
      First of all, thanks for the guide. Second, how do you pronounce your name?
      1. Plailect
        Jul 25, 2017
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    3. Lilith Valentine
      Lilith Valentine
      *generic wall post just for the sake of posting*
    4. DeoNaught
      I just want to thank you for your guide, and all you have done for this community.
    5. Dionicio3
    6. urbanman2004
      I followed ur guide to the "T" and was able to to get A9LH installed w/o a hitch. Thanks man
    7. Petraplexity
      I just installed a9lh for the 10th time, your guide is a godsend
      I think I love you
      No homo
    8. Blaze Uchiha
      Blaze Uchiha
      I screwed up when updating to the newest a9lh. I forgot to delete the aeskey.bin off the root in favor of the one in files9. Now my o3ds turns on but to just a black screen and none of the payloads work. Can this be fixed without a hardmod?
    9. takasu27
      tnx for your super cool guide godbless!
    10. Deck of Noobs
      Deck of Noobs
      you do the work of a god
    11. Altairseven
      hi, thank you for the a9lh guide, its amazing, however, I would like to ask if you could add something to it:
      The firmware.bin from NTR should be place on luma folder before downgrading the emunand to 2.1, a lot of people has been having multiple fail downgrades (search for 2.1 fail posts), and having the firmware there did the trick for them, I can confirm this out of my own experience.
    12. DavidKang
      I would like to translate the A9LH guide after I finish my final exams. I have already translated A9LH V1 guide a few months ago in my Korean blog. I was in the 3DS scene for a few years now and I'm both fluent in English and Korean.
    13. Fra
      hi, I can translate your guide on github in Italian if you want
    14. 8BitWonder
      I'm sure you hear this several times a day, but here I am to say it once again; Great work on your guide and keeping it up to date! Worked flawlessly!
    15. Drona
      Excellent guide.
      I hope you'll include a 8.1J New 3DS section soon.Thanks
    16. BabyBichu
      Brilliant Guide!Amazing work!Always Up to date!Thanks
    17. DHall243
      Thank you for keeping your guide up to date!
    18. impulseADH
      Thanks so very much for all of your hard work! I just got a9lh working last night because of your guide. You are a great asset to us, thanks!!
    19. yusuo
      Thanks for all the hard work with the guide. You're an asset to the community
    20. migles
      i love your 3ds guide! thanks, without it i would still confused with the ammount of guides some updated, some outdated that exist..
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