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  • Any news in updating the switch hax guide since atmosphere is already released? thanks for your wonderful tutorials...
    I just wanted to shitpost on your wall just like all the other people, of which, very few get your reply, and probably, piss you off, like this
    I just installed a9lh for the 10th time, your guide is a godsend
    I think I love you
    No homo
    I screwed up when updating to the newest a9lh. I forgot to delete the aeskey.bin off the root in favor of the one in files9. Now my o3ds turns on but to just a black screen and none of the payloads work. Can this be fixed without a hardmod?
    hi, thank you for the a9lh guide, its amazing, however, I would like to ask if you could add something to it:
    The firmware.bin from NTR should be place on luma folder before downgrading the emunand to 2.1, a lot of people has been having multiple fail downgrades (search for 2.1 fail posts), and having the firmware there did the trick for them, I can confirm this out of my own experience.
    I would like to translate the A9LH guide after I finish my final exams. I have already translated A9LH V1 guide a few months ago in my Korean blog. I was in the 3DS scene for a few years now and I'm both fluent in English and Korean.
    I'm sure you hear this several times a day, but here I am to say it once again; Great work on your guide and keeping it up to date! Worked flawlessly!
    Thanks so very much for all of your hard work! I just got a9lh working last night because of your guide. You are a great asset to us, thanks!!
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