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    ROM Hack Translation Medarot 9

    I have this issue too
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    ROM Hack Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red Translation

    This project was never to be done. Just a teaser
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    ROM Hack Translation Medarot DS: Kabuto Ver.

    I have translated the body parts years ago and I could edit the text but only if a good translator is found for the main story.
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    Give-away Tempmas 2021 Raffle Giveaway - entry thread (CLOSED)

    Good luck to everyone. Except me
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    ROM Hack Translation Need help for Dragon quest monster Joker 2 Professional

    You could try kuriimu or ask them make a plugin for you if possible
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    ROM Hack Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional translation?

    If you are a japanese speaker you could help other translation efforts. E.g Medarots 9 which lacks of translators
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    Hardware Help needed. Broken component

    Thanks. This is alot of help. I will take a look and show it to a friend
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    Hardware Help needed. Broken component

    I have not found manuals or diagrams. The big chip is the ic charging chip. The smaller ones near it do not have any numbers so I think I will search for broken tablet boards to find anything similar auto The big chip is axp288c
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    Hardware Help needed. Broken component

    Hello I own a chuwi hi 10 tablet which has a broken component. Can anyone help me to identify it in order to find a replacement? Thanks
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    ROM Hack [Translation] Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode

    Wait? Has this game been fully translated? If so how can i find the patch?
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    Homebrew [DS(i)/3DS] TWiLight Menu++ - GUI for DS(i) games, and DS(i) Menu replacement

    Thanks for the reply. I did this step. I always enable external FIRMs and modules since i play vc gba games. Maybe is something else i am missing. Forgot to tell i am using the last build of TWLMenu++. My console is the old 3ds xl model.
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