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    Hacking Wii U Hacking & Homebrew Discussion

    So, essentially you pushed the damage ratio far beyond the normal-max of 200%? I'd enjoy messing around with this or any other hack you can work online. No idea if my standard gaming schedule matches up with yours though~
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    Hacking Wii U Hacking & Homebrew Discussion

    But there is a record on their servers and it is possible to re-download --- even without the original console. It's not quite painless (in case of loss / theft, you have to contact them / prove your identity), but there is definitely a record on their servers to to an account (NNID). The horror...
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    Hacking Wii U Hacking & Homebrew Discussion

    Following up on the penguin suit... Although not featured in any level, it was apparently available in a Toad house (@3:40) late in the game. (I had to confirm it since I know I used it at some point...)
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    Gaming Nintendo SMASH Direct announces Roy, Ryu, Lucas as well as new stages and skins

    1) Yes. 2) No. Either disk or digital can use the DLC without issue. (Up-B)Shoryuken isn't great as a recovery, but (Side-B)Tatsumaki Senpukyaku can give you some amazing horizontal distance. So far I'm enjoying him, even if he's not my best character. Focus Attach (Down-B) is definitely one...
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    Hacking Wii U Hacking & Homebrew Discussion

    Not all games allow miiverse screenshots though --- and some (G&W, Tank^3) filter out certain parts (photos, names).
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    Hacking Stuck installing USBLoader GX, any help would be appreciated

    There's a chance your drive isn't getting enough power. Either an external power source or a Y cable could help. If you hear a clicking or other intermittent sound when trying to start up, that would be my best guess.
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    Gaming Flipnote Studio 3ds Club Nintendo To-Do list

    I've got my copy~ (Was actually able to nab 2 around initial release, 1 around midnight.) I'm rather happy that the avi export seems to handle 3D. (Wish there was direct uploading though...)
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    Hacking [request] Action replay wii files

    I'm pretty sure the action replay hasn't worked in a while --- if you're just using it for cheats (never actually owned the wii one--- so I don't know if there is more to it), you're better off with any Ocarina supporting homebrew anyway. Most backup loaders have built in support to download...
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    Hacking Online gaming on Vwii not possible.

    I may be mistaking something here but... I'm pretty sure vWii still has the shop channel. I'm not at home to test, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten Wii club nintendo stuff while on the Wii U. (Specifically, penguin park via download code) And unless something drastic has occurred since...
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    Gaming Nintendo have released Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the eShop 50% off £8.99

    I don't seem to remember the classic being an option for SMG1 --- and wikipedia seems to agree:
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    Hacking How to reset vWii

    You need to send in the whole thing? I only needed to send in my gamepad to get it repaired. (Not sure what is wrong with yours, my wireless connection was spotty and I had a friend's gamepad around to prove that it worked fine otherwise)
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    Gaming Super Smash Bros lag is just terrible!

    I've encountered some lag, but most fights have gone smoothly. That said, I need to drop by my friend's place and diagnose his connection issues --- he can play most other online games without much trouble but with Smash it fluctuates every 20 or so seconds. I'm wondering if Smash is just that...
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    Gaming Delete an user without losing diary stats?

    Not that I know of --- but why exactly do you need to delete the user but keep the stats? I *think* you can change the display name (just not NNID --- unless you unlink it and add another, which would risk removing eShop content associated with it) and mii (or at least,modify it to what you...
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    ...and somehow while making sure I used the correct for of "you're" I ended up using the wrong...

    ...and somehow while making sure I used the correct for of "you're" I ended up using the wrong "here" right after it...
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    Wha? It's been so long since I last heard from you! And here of all places! I want to chat with...

    Wha? It's been so long since I last heard from you! And here of all places! I want to chat with you and (assuming you're hear with either a 3DS or Wii U) play games with you! Lots to catch up on. o.o
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