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    Give-away Happy New Year 2022 & Raffle Live Drawing (Updated With Winners)

    Thanks :P Would have been nice, but that's the way it goes. Although I wouldn't complain if they decided to honor the screwup, lol
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    Walmart and Target will no longer sell Pokemon cards in store due to "safety concerns"

    iirc, what basically happened is it became popular to drop thousands on boosters to open on stream, which lead to an upsurge in scalpers looking to profit, which lead to empty shelves and raised prices everywhere. For those who just want to build their collection, like my fiance, it kinda sucks...
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    Webcomic Temper Tantrums #64 - Old Habits

    tbh, I was expecting a pollen allergy joke.
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    Suspicious login attempts begin to plague Switch owners, Nintendo to investigate

    That explains the weird logins on my 3DS account (for reasons, my 3DS and Switch are on separate accounts). Had 2 emails from yesterday morning (Around 1130AM on April 21) saying that my 3DS account logged in from the US. Not like I have any payment info saved on either anyway.
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    Homebrew Emulation GameYob, a gameboy emulator for DS

    So I tried to download the DSTwo plugin for this, and my laptop tells me that the .RAR file that supposedly contains the plugin is in an incorrect format or damaged. Just thought you might want to know. If it matters, it tries defaulting to use my browser to open it for some reason. Edit: I'm...
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    Hacking [Confirmed] New Firmware update 5pm PDT

    I got eShop cards for a digital copy, so I could just play it a little each day without having to switched out cards all the time. I went to redeem the second $20 one today after I got it, and there was an update. Good thing I declined and checked here first.
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    Hacking [Confirmed] New Firmware update 5pm PDT

    Crap, and I just managed to scrape together enough for Animal Crossing. Do I update anyway and enjoy that, while rendering my Supercard unusable for a few days, or not update yet and wait to get Animal Crossing?
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    Gaming Looking for a Yugioh game to pick up and play

    I'm looking for the best one that I can just pick up and play a couple rounds from time to time. I've also heard that in some of the newer games, the AI can take anywhere from 30s - 5m just to make one move, is it really THAT bad? Basically, which is the newest one without that kind of delay...
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    Homebrew Where can I find cheat lists for TempGBA + CATSFC?

    I've tried searching, but every list I've come across just seems to crash my flashcard. :/
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    Gaming Action Replay not working with Pokemon Black?

    I already have the latest firmware ("original" AR, not DSi) When I put the game in at the beginning, it recognizes it and lets me select codes. However, after selecting codes and hitting "Start", it just goes back to the starting screen and asks me to insert a game. Is there any way to fix...
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    DS #5267: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (USA)

    Finally a fix for Cyclo Works fine on mine so far.
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    Hacking R4i-SDHC problem

    Simply, whenever I try to go into the "Games" Menu, it just freezes. Is there any way to get it working again?
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    DS #4851: MapleStory DS (Korea)

    I can confirm that it just loops back to the title screen on Cyclo Evo 1.58.
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