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    Gaming So Pokemon HG/SS Got a 37/40 in Famitsu

    Damn, my sarcasm radar must be broken. If I had a nickel for everything the stupid thing's gone kaput on me... Carry on.
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    Gaming So Pokemon HG/SS Got a 37/40 in Famitsu

    Woops, there goes your post. So much for that argument...
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    Gaming Uh oh...

    There's an incredibly large difference between a console and a relatively unimportant add-on, that's why. Regardless of whether or not it would be Nintendo's fault, it would still cause an eventual shit-storm of angry parents because of clumsy children. Strawman, seriously.
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    Gaming What would you like to see changed...

    Dear god, that would be terrible. How 'bout Game Freak thinks up an original storyline for the first time in 11 years? Something other than an inept criminal organization would be nice.
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    Gaming Professor Layton Diabolical Box Save File - Help!

    Oddly enough, I've found myself in the same predicament, and right around the same area as well. Any assistance in this matter would truly be befitting of a gentleman...
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    Hacking Help... Question about NDSL.

    Well now wait just a minute here. Why are you wondering why they aren't empty inside? This was just explained to you: Without the circuit board there, the cartridge would fall out. Why go through the trouble of using something else that's not a circuit board (from Ninty's perspective) when they...
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    Hacking Dsi Bricking

    I would like to note: You can halt Wii firmware updates by forcing a shut-down, even if it's in-progress, and you'll merely revert back to where you were before the update, if I'm not mistaken. So, unless we know for certain it would brick the DSi, we've still an unanswered question on our hands.
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    ROM Hack dsi ware on ds normal

    I assume you're referring to 'dumped' DSiWare that would be playable via flash card, to which my response is: It's highly unlikely. The DS doesn't have the memory capacity nor the functionality (not to mention the screen size) to play DSi-focused games. If it -were- possible, it'd be only for a...
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    DS #2696: Kirby Super Stars Ultra (USA)

    Yet another reason to procrastinate doing schoolwork. Hurrah! Kirby kirby kirby...
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    Gaming Kirby Super Star Ultra

    Downloading it now Have fun, everyone!
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    Gaming Kirby Super Star Ultra

    It all depends. The guys who regularly dump roms like this just haven't gotten around to it yet. As soon as they do, it'll probably appear on an NDS rom site before GBAtemp; that's shown to be the case with an ealier rom that was uploaded today... The solution is to sleep. If it doesn't arrive...
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    Gaming Kirby Super Star Ultra

    Ditto! And now they've got homebrew .iso loaders that don't NEED modchips. Hey, at least WE were loading isos before it was cool!
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    Gaming Kirby Super Star Ultra

    I hear you, man... I've had to Brawl periodically all day just to vent some built-up Kirby fanboyism. I'm sure we all know the horrors that can be released upon the world when fanboyism is built up over a long period of time and gets released as impatience all at once... *Remembers the day...
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    Gaming Kirby Super Star Ultra

    ...You kidding me? Two things: A- If they used SNES sprites, this wouldn't be a remake. This'd be a port (and I'd be really disappointed if that were the case). B- Comparatively speaking, the SNES kirby sprite was atrocious compared to the GBA/NDS version of Kirby. He was really fat in the...
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    Gaming Kirby Super Star Ultra

    That's the image I saw on the E3 site. I still wonder if there's a video showing it, in the mean time...
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