Niko A. Giaimo

Niko A. Giaimo


Composer, Arranger, Producer - Sep 14, 2013

Newbie, Male, 28, from Yorba Linda, California

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Jan 16, 2014
Sep 14, 2013
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    1. Niko A. Giaimo
      Niko A. Giaimo
    2. Niko A. Giaimo
      Niko A. Giaimo
      Composer, Arranger, Producer
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    May 1, 1990 (Age: 28)
    Home Page:
    Yorba Linda, California
    United States

    Niko is a highly motivated and ambitious composer/producer of original music for broadcast media applications including film, television, video games, corporations, and advertising industries. He has performed with various LA based artists including Wayne Bergeron, Gordon Goodwin, Andy Martin, Tom Kubis, and has also performed with the SCSBOA (Southern California School Band Orchestra Association) Jazz All Star Bands, receiving numerous awards for jazz trumpet performance. With 5 years of working experience in the film/mixed media audio music industry, Niko has worked closely with audio engineers and producers composing music for Experience Media Studios, as well as various short films for esteemed universities and organizations such as Chapman University, New York University, and song writing/arranging projects for Love and Laughter Music & Recording Studio and several other recording studios in Southern California. In addition to original scoring, he is able to offer services in orchestration, arranging, and songwriting.

    Berklee College of Music
    Bachelor of Arts in Classical Composition. Studied privately with various instructors and composers such as Vuk Kulenovic, Kye Palmer (the Tonight Show), Jeff Stout (Buddy Rich Big Band), Charles Lewis (NY Philharmonic), John Christianson (Reel Big Fish), and Julius P. Williams (Assistant conductor, American and Brooklyn Philharmonic orchestras)


    Composer, Arranger, Producer
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