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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    My issue was that I had write protection enabled on the SD card by accident.
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    I am on the Wii. Now that I think about his some more. I don’t think it was ever working for me on 1262, but I will try to verify.
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    I updated to r1265 (I was on r1262 for about a year). Last i remember GC games through Nintendont were working fine. Now when I load a GC game via USBloader GX I get a DSI error stack dump/code dump and system reset. I am on Nintendont loader 5.479 according to the Nintendont screen (should...
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    Homebrew FCE Ultra GX Update

    Nice! I will give it a try! All of Zopenko's 3.3.8 mod features are included in this version, correct? I see you mentioned it above, but wanted to be clear on it.
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    Homebrew Not64 Update

    Pedro, I see your updates. One question, the version you enter should actually be the version of Not64 you used to test. I see you entered 20161120. There isn't a version with that number. There is a 20161126 and 20161127. Why did you enter 20161120?
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    Homebrew Not64 Update

    There was a 11/27/16 release also, in case anyone missed it. Also, @Wiimpathy mentioned it too, but I wanted to thank you @Extrems for fixing the Raphnet N64 to GCN adapter compatibility. Works great!
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    Homebrew FCE Ultra GX Mod [Preview + WiiUPro + ScreenShot button]

    Is the latest version linked in the first post? Looks like there was a bunch of discussion after the last version was posted in the first post.
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    Homebrew Wii64/Not64 compatability with N64->GCN Adapters?

    The GCN to N64 I linked in my last post above works with Not64 20130408. It does not work with the newest versions. I asked Extrems to look into this. If I want to use the latest not64 editions I just use my GCN controller.
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    Homebrew Wii64 Left Stick not working?

    Not sure I know what the solution is to your specific question. But I would try Not64 first instead of Wii64. Not64 can be downloaded here post 1.
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    Homebrew Not64 Update

    @Kenten1993 PM on the GC Forever forum? That is one option. He is online right now...
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    Homebrew Weird Question about USBLoaderGX

    It may be best to move your question to the USBLoaderGX forum for assistance.
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    Homebrew Help needed: USB Loader GX Freezing when installing game

    It may be best to move your question to the USBLoaderGX forum for assistance.
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    Homebrew Not64 Update

    You can use a GameCube controller. It will have rumble if the game is designed to have rumble. This is assuming you are plugging the controller in to the GameCube ports on the Wii. To exit the game press x+y.
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    Homebrew Not64 Update

    If you are on the Wii, then no, you don't need to worry about them. Don't copy them to your SD card.
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    Homebrew Not64 Update

    The water in Diddy Kong Racing is now normal. Nice improvement!
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