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    Capcom Summer Showcase 2022 - roundup - RE: Village's DLC out this October

    I will never forgive Capcom for burying the Dragon's Dogma franchise, give us a new one, or at least bring back DDO from the dead and give it to us in the west :(
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    Bethesda debuts 15 minutes of Starfield gameplay

    I know it's too early, but am I the only one who felt it was a generic af? felt like a better looking NMS.
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    Blizzard president says there will be more news on Warcraft 3: Reforged in June

    the touch pads are amazing for mouse based games, even the Steam controller was great in that regard
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    Destroy All Humans! 2 remake to launch August 30, multiplayer spin-off launches today

    that was the first one, this one is the second one.
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    U.S. District Judge rules Valve must face antitrust litigation

    the one thing that irks me about digital store fronts is how the games are treated as "different", if I buy a game from Steam it should be no different than the same one on Epic, why pay for it again? GoG used to do this amazing thing where it synced with your Steam account and gave you some...
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    U.S. District Judge rules Valve must face antitrust litigation

    and yet GoG store is thriving and many games are being sold quite fine on it.
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    'Godfall: Ultimate Edition' launches on Steam and Xbox next month

    actually, it never went free, that was just a stripped-down multiplayer version. still an equally shitty game though.
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    Elden Ring tops Steam charts for concurrent players, user reviews drops to "mixed" after PC issues

    it's isn't even a PC specific issue either, it kinda runs like ass on PS5 too, on performance mode when out on the plains it stutters a lot in many areas. other than that the game is quite fun.
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    Gary Bowser from Team Xecuter pleads guilty to charges, agrees to pay Nintendo $4.5 million

    "Team Xecuter has caused an estimated number between $65 million to $150 million in losses to video game companies." I'd like to think karma is biting the TX team in the ass, but how in the hell did Ninty lawyers reach that number? did they pull it out of their asses?
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    Rumor Sources claim Konami is working on a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, new Silent Hill, Castlevania reboot

    that didn't stop them from releasing that turd of a Castlevania gacha game on Apple Arcade just last month :P
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    Hacking Did 12.0.3 break SXOS on older models?

    11.0 emunand used to work fine on sysnand 12.0.0, but i updated the sysnand to 12.0.3 and now the emunand pops an SXOS error, did the recent update break it? :( (Old hackable switch btw, emunand on separate sdcard, the SXOS menu opens fine)
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