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    Hacking 7.5X User Guide & Exploit Host Menu V2 ish: now with added GoldHEN!

    where 's the MIra in it ? Remote pkg installer not working with goldhen 1.1
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    Hacking [RELEASE] PS4 Gentoo by mircoho

    plz post god tutorial for baikal console; iam getting black screen !! i have CUH-2008b
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    Hacking [RELEASE] PS4 Gentoo by mircoho

    Model : = CUH-2008B I downloaded GENTOO from this site ( ) trying to load from eeply linux loader result := black screen if i replace " bzimage & initramfs.cpio.gz " both files with iguy0 files then ps4 linux booting but showing newroot error if i replace only...
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    Coto @ Coto: holy crap, getting VS Code to work in NDS development is something I should've done years ago...