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    1. Ryukouki
      Ewwww, I hated the Krebs Cycle. >:( That was so six years ago for me. :P
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      2. natkoden
        But, how? I once went noPC, noFAP and noGaming. Failed almost instantly. Like a week is enough.

        My trouble is that I keep wasting time and pushing important things out of the picture, til the very last moment (like now). Even If I don't game or anything, I just look at the ceiling.
        Jun 21, 2014
      3. Ryukouki
        It was hard at first. I started getting used to it. See, I'm an Asian, so my playtime is already limited enough :P but I learned to really set goals for myself. I plot really far in advance (like a whole month) once I have control of my syllabi and with those, I create road maps for exactly where I need to be, down to the day and hour, and in the end I started to really organize and get on top of things. :)
        Jun 21, 2014
      4. natkoden
        Yeah, I always wanted to do that. But in the end, I just ignore it :( Like yesterday I wanted to read this thing from beginning to end but instead ended up playing Zelda and watching TV, plus the occasional gbatemp browse.

        Well, going to bed now. Gotta get up not that late, watch the match (Arg - Iran) and then go hard on the Krebs Cycle and shit.

        Jun 21, 2014
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