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    Rumor Let's spread rumors about tempers...

    @Noctosphere is a bot.
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    Neo Mario Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2 mod 2020 update release

    Thank to the last posts, i could discover this mod, thank you. In his site, the op says it needs Riivolution 1.06. As far as i could check, I only could find Riivolution V105. Is it just mistyping ?
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    Advice for cd/dvd burning

    Oh many consoles have ODE (and many ODE). ODE are usually replacements hardware for disc readers. It would be too long to list all the ODEs, but almost any common disc based system has its own ODE.
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    Advice for cd/dvd burning

    GDEMU is fo Dreamcast only. Like @tech3475 says above, other ODE have other names.
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    The Meme Box

    Fail. It's now page 700. EDIT - Ah ah ! It seems i'm the one !
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    Under what circumstances is it morally acceptable to pirate games?

    Well, i may offense some of you, but i consider it's legitimate to pirate a game when i bought it already. Because i don't want to open the box, or because i want to play it on another console than the one that bought it. Or becasue i want it to be installed on the console, and don't want to use...
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    What the fuck is cheese

    AH AH AH American cheese... AH AH AH
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    Do you find nazi imagery offensive?

    Such a picky thread for a newcomer...
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    Are You?

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    Gaming GBS Control, anyone built one? I did recently and think it is worth it.

    damn, that last link is somehow interesting too !
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    Gaming GBS Control, anyone built one? I did recently and think it is worth it.

    i'm pretty interested with this project ! I would like to build one too, so 'ill follow a bit your progression :)
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    Which homebrew project development do you follow closely?

    I used to follow swiss, the multiples tool OS for Game cube coded by emu_kidid and greatly improved by extrems.
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    Game Ruin a first date with 1 cringe/meme/silly line

    "You're damn pretty ! I love your cheeks, they look like buttocks"
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    Gaming Rumor N64 coming to Nintendo Switch Online

    I wish it becomes true. But it's a real NO for the extra cost.
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    Which is the game which you never get bored playing?

    I think that i'll never get bored of a multiplayer with Mario Kart (any of them) or a GoldeEye/Perfect Dark
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