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    Nintendo Switch firmware update 13.1.0 released

    :ha: atmo already ready for 13.1.0 , need sigpatch now
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    GBAtemp 2021 Giveaway Raffle - winners announced!

    thank's gba for this ;)
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    Gaming Poll: will you be buying Zelda Skyward Sword HD?

    have the limited edition wii (gold wii mote ,....) but never had to play it. will discover it on switch for sure
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    Homebrew WIP Brick Game 9999-in-1 Clone Project

    magicly rapid @Chrscool8 ;) what else you say ? okay ;) waiting for your "how to create brick games tutorial" , that's the top of what i'm waiting for. please take your time and i hope i will make my games ideas real with your help.
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    Gaming [Rumor] Skyward sword leaked

    it's leaked
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    Homebrew WIP Brick Game 9999-in-1 Clone Project

    thank you for the update. i do have a suggestion , is it doable to have ; - seing what figure(s) coming next ? i don't remember if it's in the very original brick game , but 99% of tetris games have this feature. edit : figures = tetrominoes
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    Homebrew WIP Brick Game 9999-in-1 Clone Project

    so you want my secret games to became rich , okay , i'm ok with that lol here is some titles : staires , anti pong , hole , pong 2 players ( 1p control horizontal pads, the other vertical one's ) and there are more in my little mind. i will draw some this week end, to have a better idea. as for...
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    Homebrew WIP Brick Game 9999-in-1 Clone Project

    first let me thank you again @Chrscool8. let's talk about suggestions , but first let me be nostalgic ;) i had the original brick game who has only 1 game "Brick Game" or "Tetris" then comes the 2in1 ,the popular 8in1, 29in1 , 118in1 , most comun now 9999in1 -i remember your 4th game, let's...
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    Hardware POLL: How bad is your joycon drift

    Poll : How bad is R button. the next issue we will all have in future.
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    Homebrew WIP Brick Game 9999-in-1 Clone Project

    @Chrscool8 if i remember well , i have a suggestion ; i wonder if in the original game , when you hold the desired directions buttons or by pressing A , the snake go very fast. ( even in the first second play). i was remembering playing tetris/snake/race car ,like this. thank you again for...
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    Homebrew RELEASE MissionControl: Use controllers from other consoles natively via Bluetooth

    take your time , your HB is a must have for retro plays and not only. i'm sticking with older fw just for the pleasure the icade procure ;)
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    Hacking im getting this error on atmosphere uSd: failed to initialize

    good to hear , you're lucky then ;) don't drop it , and don't open sd card so often , that's my advices.
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    Hacking rw-r-r-0644 found a boot1 coldboot exploit for the Wii U

    mostly there was Games magasines and Games TV's who killed the WiiU by a bullet in the head , the first bullet shooted by Nintendo (the name of the wiiu=wii) this is i think what kills the wiiu. we got zelda Botw ;) and that's how miyamoto/aonuma honor it.
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