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    Hacking Anyway to have multiple reboot to payloads?

    Actually, I like reboot to payload -->hekate menu especially to use USB tools! but there are times when I just want it to reboot directly to atmosphere. So, is it possible to have: reboot to payload number one to hekate and reboot number two to atmosphere? Or can hekate be set to work on tv...
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    Hacking Question Switch not turning on after taking microSD card out

    Either of those is possible..are you sure if the method you used to enter RCM was correct? I myself use dongle which contain hekate payload, do you have a dongle? It is very easy to test using this.
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    Hacking help =(

    If you play pirated and also cheat on top of will most likely be banned.
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    Hacking Switch stuck on Nintendo logo after downgrading.

    Could you tell us why you downgraded? New games require higher firmware anyway.
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    Hacking Corrupted Data

    Try using h2testw on your sd card to make sure it wasnt sd card problem.
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    Hacking Question Switch not turning on after taking microSD card out

    It could be that it is in the rcm mode since you said it shut off and it could possibly entered rcm because of enabled auto rcm and you failed to properly inject payloads. Try charging the switch for a while first and try injecting payloads again. It could also be that your sd card reader is...
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    GBAtemp Exclusive 5 must-have homebrew apps for a modded Switch

    I've just updated my firmware from 9.20 to 10.1 around a week ago with choi. My switch is unpatched v1 switch.Everything works well now..your first and 2nd point instill paranoia in me. Should I reupdate with daybreak or not? Will there be problems in the future if I dont reupdate with daybreak?
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    Hacking Question How safe is overclock?

    Thank you guys for the explanations. I will do it at my own risk. I wont blame anyone should anything bad happens. It is YOLO for me I guess..for 60 fps xenoblade DE, etc XD.
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    Hacking Question How to unhack my switch?

    Dont be sad. You can always buy new unhacked console anytime. It is harder to find unpatched switch in recent time. I say keep that and buy new switch or sell it and buy new switch.
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    Hacking Question How safe is overclock?

    @hartleyshc Wow that was such a detailed explanation! I was going to ask about this too since I overclock a lot for variety 60fps mods and my next 60 fps mod will be xbde in which the developer said it require cpu speed to be 1785 and gpu at 921. Hearing your explanation relieve me a lot! So...
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    GBAtemp Exclusive 5 must-have homebrew apps for a modded Switch

    These choi vs daybreak discussions have made me quite paranoid..I didnt know about daybreak being a firmware updater homebrew like choi. I updated my switch from 9.2 to 10.1 with choi maybe around a week ago..there isnt any problem at all currently..but should I be worried? Should I reupdate...
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    ROM Hack RELEASE [MOD] Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition - 60fps

    Does this work for for the 1.1.2 update? Thanks for this mod!
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    Hacking Is there a way to transfer files to computer without removing sd card?

    I am really afraid of ruining my micro sd slot which would be permanent damage and render the switch pratically unusable. Lately, I've been modding a lot with acnh, fe3h etc and those need to transfers files a lot between switch and computer.. Thanks!
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    Hacking Did I pass the "Point of No Return" for CFW?

    I think you havent crossed the boundary yet. Personally I think hacked switch is more valuable and an unpatched one should be hacked because it is rarer. I myself plan to get second hacked one or pure ofw mariko for online! You should buy 2nd one imo for ofw and online only imo like your...
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    Hacking How do you reboot to hekate? And several other questions.

    Thanks guys for the consoles infos. Mariko or ipatched?such dilemma! Perhaps I can find another unpatched but very doubtful about it.
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