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    Hacking Gateway 3.0.1 Ultra

    Because the method for using Gateway for 5.0-9.2 requires you to have an active internet connection (or substitute). So you use that to downgrade, then you can just use the gateway normally without having to be on the internet.
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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Ah, thanks. I never had an issue choosing games on the DS so I don't expect any on the 3DS. :)
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    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Can someone clarify what is the point of using a cia vs just launching it from the Gateway card? From my understanding, when you use the cia to install you can launch it straight from the 3DS's menu, but when using just the Gateway you have to load there and then select it. If this is the case...
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    Indiegogo: Ubuntu Edge

    It's like you completely ignored what I said in the post lol. Yes, going that way it would reach it most likely. But they never continue the way that they begin -> the first few days/week are always plentiful, then it always slows down. If you've been watching it since the start, you would have...
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    Indiegogo: Ubuntu Edge

    The fundraising never keeps going the way it begins. It starts strong, then always slows down.
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    Man Hacks Retro Game Contra to Propose to Girlfriend

    Probably because once it's in the NES you don't see it.
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    Steam exploit regarding Russian pay kiosks

    This isn't breaking news at all. People have been gifting people games (ie bad rats) and then canceling the payment, which freezes the account of whoever had it. This "exploit" is years old.
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    XBone: Microsoft releases information on what goes.

    Why is this news? We already knew this weeks ago.
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    Microsoft won't talk about Xbox One's TV functions at E3

    We already knew of this a long time ago lol. We knew that the conference was not going to be mainly about games, yet everyone blew up when they did exactly as they said they would. (Joker! You're wrong!)
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    Xbox One Specs Boosted by "The Equivalent of 3 Xbox Ones" in the Cloud

    They've already explained that the graphics are to make it look even better - if you got no connection, then it'll be just normal (and in all honesty you probably won't even tell the difference when you're sitting on your couch 10 feet away). Mind you, using the cloud to bring additional...
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    More People Are Streaming Netflix Than Watching Cable

    People watching things online instead of on their tv? Let's blame it on piracy.
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    Mojang introducing "Realms" Subscription Service to Minecraft

    So basically you're paying to have an empty server lol.
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    Anyone going to PAX East?

    I know one person who isn't... Ocean Marketing guy!
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    Why are penuts banned from school?

    Pretty much this. My brother has peanut allergies this severe. Don't think of it as simply a door handle however, as it could be anything. "I lost my pencil...Can I borrow (aka steal lol, you know how kids are) yours?", or "can I borrow a piece of paper?" if that person had peanuts literally any...
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    World of Warcraft screenshots contain account details

    Have fun with your mouse going off the screen then.
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