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  • Hey, I've been doing some digging into acnl ram hacking and I saw the picture you posted with the mainstreet's names reverted back to their japanese version (Club LOL to Club 101)

    Can I ask how?
    Ive seen your post in one acnl hacking forum when you placed a clock floating in mid air and it got me curious, just didn't know how you did it
    Hiya, Ive seen some of your cool stuff in acnl hacking forums and I felt like you had answers to help me. Would you care to tell me about fcram and generating a qr code? I wanted a zen castle model inside my home in the center room. From my knowledge this is done in fcram, and Idk much about it. Hope you can assist me and thx for all your other contributions to acnl hacking.
    Do you know where the offsets for island acres/PWPs are?
    EDIT: In Animal Crossing: New Leaf (obviously)
    Bonjour! Have you figured out how to complete the encyclopedia yet with HEX editing? As-tu trouvez comment remplir le encylopedia avec "HEX editing"?
    If you don't mind me asking, how does one change their TPC/mayor card photograph? I've been wanting to change mine into the commission I paid someone to make for my villager.

    I know in the wrong hands the hack can be exploited, but I hope you understand that I've no intentions for that sort of thing lol
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