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Nov 7, 2010
Level 14
    1. snails1221
      The good old days of Wii U hacking
    2. Amani
      May I please call you, "Dimentio"?
      1. Swiftloke
        Dimentio is my favorite Mario character.
        Except for maybe Fawful. I have chortles.
        Aug 25, 2016
      2. Ricken
        But he can blow away chortles, like a windstorm at a kindergarten picnic!
        Sep 15, 2016
    3. NetOps000
      Hi Marionumber1 a bit of a shame the kexploit got leaked, just wanted to say thank you for all your work. I have the exploit running on my 2nd WiiU and it's very stable / reliable.
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    4. link270
      Just wanted to let you know that you are handling this whole leak thing like very amazingly! It's super lame that it got leaked, but I like that you guys can just shrug it off and keep working. That's not just good for being a dev on a hacker forum, but it's good for actual human skills. haha
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    5. myunholysins
      Hey i seen the leak and wanted to say sorry if it was your kernel exploit. I just wanted to say i hope it doesnt discourage you in any of your other projects. either thanks for what you did to help the scene.
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      2. Marionumber1
        It doesn't discourage me, and in fact, we were likely to be releasing it soon anyway. All it means is that there will be no more private betas of exploits, except to my inner circle.
        May 3, 2016
      3. myunholysins
        Know i understand where your coming from. its probably better that anyway as long as you have your own private circle that can help you out, thats all you really need. good luck with everything though!
        May 3, 2016
    6. RafaLuigi
    7. Hootenanny
      Hey, I sent you a pm, I would appreciate it if you would take a look when you get the chance
    8. Nazihsamire
      Also keep the good work i know it difficult and very hard to do what you do
    9. Nazihsamire
      I try to keep my pleading brief .I know you wait for the Wii U update and i won't make excuses, but i am desesperat and will appreciate if you can also give me the pleasure to test your exploit, my email is , I really need it cause nintendo games are very expensive and rare in Morocco and difficult to find so much and I´m a huge fan of nintendo .so please if you could give me the chance .
    10. ThatNintendoNerd
      I sent you a PM. Please check it when you get a chance.
    11. SkittleDash
      How do you do, good sir. Keep up the good work! =3
    12. NexoCube
      I hope you could check your PM.
    13. cheuble
      Hi, I sent you a PM presenting my project.
    14. Bernardo Tolardo
      Bernardo Tolardo
      I know you wait for the firmware 5.5.2 and i don't go make some excuses, but i really, really appreciate if you give me the pleasure to test your exploid, my email is, I really need this because a nintendo game in Brazil cost so much and I´m a big fan of nintendo but you know she leave my country.
      Att. Bernardo
      thanks and sorry for the inconvenience
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    15. Phantom64
      I'm Count Bleck give me your exploit now or you will die
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      2. Nazihsamire
        Use this unstead (I'm kira if you don't want your name on the death note give me the exploit of the wii u 5.5.0 its a crime to hold on it) and a flashy End like (your humble justice Hero kira)
        Apr 21, 2016
      3. Nazihsamire
        It's more fun in this way
        Apr 21, 2016
    16. Rodrigo Sousa
      Rodrigo Sousa
      Do you think Nintendo is going to release 5.5.2/5.6? And if yes, do you think they will patch the exploit that you made with the others devs?
      And, finding a second kernel, is done? Did you find a "plan b"? (Asking because you may think about releasing the first exploit found because you have a plan b) Thanks already :)
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    17. AprilCarryOnRealness
      Thank you for all of your contributions to the modding scene but please release it Nintendo might not ever release another update to the wii u
    18. Wishi
      Welcome Back MN1 (:
    19. TotalInsanity4
      What the heck happened???
    20. Phantom64
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