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    Polymega console to start shipping next month for early pre-orders

    You do realize that the option you provided to him costs about €600 or $800 USD (to fix the readers on all three systems). That's insane for trying to keeping using original hardware over moving over to a Polymega. Keep on reading Polymega is only for rich collectors... :wtf:' Not sure what...
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    Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD will feature Dante from the Devil May Cry series, as DLC

    Long LOST FACT. Atlus in fact DID NOT pay Capcom to use Dante for SMT III in 2004. The real story is Kazuma Kaneko did the character design for the Devil Trigger Forms for Devil May Cry 3 (Dante and Vergil) as a professional courtesy for Capcom and in return they allowed Atlus to use Dante in...
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    Certain PS4 peripherals will work on the PS5, but the DualShock 4 will not be supported by new games

    Wow, man you're like a broken record that has only one tune apparently.... in the other thread and now this one.
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    Spider-Man will be added to Marvel's Avengers game as an exclusive for PS4 users

    Did you never play Soul Calibur II on Gamecube, PS2 or Xbox? Link, Heihachi and Spawn were the exclusive characters. Was that greedy of Nintendo to have their character on their home console and not on Sony and Microsoft's competing machines? Yeah about that....maybe you're thinking about...
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    Tencent is investing in PlatinumGames so that the developer can afford to self-publish its own games

    Yeah because Scalebound worked out so well..... No disrepect, but re-read what you wrote. They want to self-publish on multiple platforms. Nintendo giving them money would lock them into an exclusivity deal WITH...
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    Analogue Pocket announced; can play a variety of handheld systems' games through FPGA

    I skimmed all 7 pages and only saw 3 or 4 posts mention anything about this, but this but white elephant in the room everyone is missing is this.... Not all of the cartridges have the same PIN OUTS so unless they are going to create some kind of frankenstein monster of an adapter how do they...
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    Borderlands 3 launches this September, PC version to be exclusive to Epic for 6 months

    I ONLY want to focus in on the bolded section. Seriously?!? Giving devs more money that they deserve is a bad thing and Steam more competition is bad? If that's truly how PC gamers think, I'm glad I'm not a PC gamer on Steam, that's truly an ignorant way of thinking. I'm defending Epic...
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    Konami will be releasing anniversary collections for Castlevania and Contra

    Yeah I blame them (Sony) for paying for the development and then doing the development (Sony, again) as well to put it on PS4, they should be ashamed of themselves for doing that and now sharing....oh wait. :P Both Switch and PS4 have touch screen ability so this shouldn't be an issue if...
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    Valve will attempt to combat review bombing on Steam by removing offtopic and DRM focused reviews

    Well if you're playing on Steam it's DRM anyway, so..."kettle calling the pot black" (I know the debate w/extra DRM like Denuvo, Star Force, etc.,) Steam reviews for the most parts are jokes anyway, if you want the most biased, one sided reviews written, look no place else.
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    Gaming YouTube is dying plain and simple

    I don't think he's going off topic. I used to appreciate when creators used to do it because it was fun and for passion. When it became a "JOB" for most of them, I quit watching 90% of the videos and personalities I used to watch, you saw the entitlement set in, you saw them doing it because...
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    CD Projekt Red agrees to offer extra royalties to The Witcher author

    Except in CDPR's eyes it was cheaper to offer a decent sum, shut him up and move on to the new game. The Witcher is probably about done anyway, so they have nothing to lose by throwing some money his way other than good press saying they did right by the creator. Dunno why someone said they...
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    Persona Q2 confirmed for western launch this June

    Hmphhh..... I wasn't going to be like that, but yeah....I told you so...:teach::P
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    Persona Q2 rated by Australian Classification Board

    I've been buying SMT games for over 15 years and never once has Atlus never left a game unreleased. Even ones we thought would get overlooked and passed on. They released it. SMT Strange Deep Journey...check Devil Summoner 2....check Persona 3 FES....check The only one that got passed on was...
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    NIS America to bring Trails of Cold Steel III west this year

    As I said elsewhere, this is due mainly due Xseeds inability to have a quick turn around for translations and releases. Falcom has product and it wants a profit on that product in quick order (meaning if quality is less than perfect they'll deal with it) Point is Xseed lost (and is loosing)...
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    Stealth, of Sonic Mania fame, attempted to pitch a Darkwing Duck game to Capcom, was turned down

    Exactly, why bring it to Capcom in the first place, literally makes no sense. It's not like they OWN the IP... **confused** :wtf: Because Disney Interactive wasn't a thing when those games were developed. Then other companies wanted a some of that money Capcom was banking during the time...
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