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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    Update cheats for Astalon, please. Astalon - Tears of the Earth TID: 01004A2013ACE000 BID: 288BF9BA0877DC40 Ver: v327680 (1.1.0) v5
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    Homebrew RELEASE Heart of Darkness

    1. Make a folder /hode/ in the root of MicroSD (may be not in root, but in /switch/hode) and copy these files from game folder in it: all *.sss; all *.mst; all *.lvl; SETUP.DAT - if you use MENU (disable_menu=false in hode.ini). hod.paf - it's all ingame movies (reqires disable_paf=false in...
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    Homebrew [Release] uae3DS (Amiga 500 Emulator for Nintendo 3DS)

    Yep. But WHDLoad version of Dimo's Quest works fine in "UAE4ALL Switch 2.00" (Nintendo Switch). So, we NEED a HDD emulation in UAE for 3DS. But not sure, should WHDLoad works here or not.
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    Homebrew [Release] uae3DS (Amiga 500 Emulator for Nintendo 3DS)

    Dimo's Quest (1993)(boeder) didn't work. Any ideas?
  5. MAN-biker

    Homebrew RELEASE Heart of Darkness

    Of course you can, but check "hode.ini" for option "disable_paf=false") if you use hod.paf and want to see cutscenes.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Heart of Darkness

    1. Install game in Windows. 2. Go to folder where you installed the game. 3. Search all files with following extentions: *.sss; *.mst; *.lvl; SETUP.DAT - if you use a game menu (if you use "disable_menu=false" in "hode.ini"), but I'm nos sure about NOT English release, for RUSSIAN one there is...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Heart of Darkness

    You need "forwarder" for 12+ Firmware. Here it is. Or you can run a game like other homebrews (from homebrew menu) "manually" - tap on any installed game HOLDING [R] button, then find HODE in HB menu and run it. But don't use *Applet Mode* (gallery+R)!
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    Homebrew RELEASE MissionControl: Use controllers from other consoles natively via Bluetooth

    Add Ipega PG-9083s (and other BLE gamepads) support, PLEASE!!!
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    Homebrew Discussion Post homebrew ideas, suggestions, requests here

    Can anybody port Aleph One engine (the open source port of Bungie's Marathon game thrilogy - Apple Mac exclusive 3D shooter) which available now for WINDOWS, MAC OS X and LINUX with SOURCE CODE?
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    Homebrew RELEASE Heart of Darkness

    Can anybody make new version with reconfigurable binding in .ini file? Binding for NSW version is ideal, but for VITA not! I want to be VITA buttons layout like as NSW one (NOT swapped X & O). Help me, please! On VITA controls should be: Run - O Jump - X
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    Homebrew RELEASE ClawSwitch - a Captain Claw port for Nintendo Switch

    So, can anybody recompile this game with new libs, please? And fix a link to "version with music supports".
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    Homebrew RELEASE ClawSwitch - a Captain Claw port for Nintendo Switch

    Works FINE in DOSBox on NSW (like many other DOS games)! By the way, the link to "version with music supports" is broken. Update, please. And thanks.
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Switch port of Planescape Torment contains fully-working copy of PC version

    I have no luck with Win95 on Switch. Yes, the Win95 boots and "works" (with sound and 256\16&32bit colors), but I can't run any real game (tested Jazz JackRabbit2 and DropMania) because of some errors. Can anybody help me with that? Sorry for offtopic and my broken English.
  14. MAN-biker

    Homebrew COMPLETED ScummVM

    Hi. I'm working on (and support) RUSSIAN translation of Lands of Lore - Throne of Chaos. Can anybody recompile SCUMM VM build for Switch WITHOUT CHECKING HASHES for LoL game?
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