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    Where to buy SX core?

    I require an SX Core for homebrew development on my patched Switch. Are they being sold anywhere?
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    Homebrew [WIP] ctrmus - Another 3DS Music Player

    Run a DSP dumper like ctrmus will work afterwards.
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    Homebrew [WIP] ctrmus - Another 3DS Music Player

    You will always be able to download ctrmus manually at
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    Homebrew [WIP] ctrmus - Another 3DS Music Player

    ctrmus comes with a ".3ds" file which I think you should be able to use on you flashcart. As I don't have a flashcart, I have never tested this version, so I don't know which file system it would access.
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    Homebrew Official Retroarch WiiU (wip.)

    If it's similar enough, then either a GX2/OpenGL wrapper could be made, or someone could implement GX2 support to the libmpv Render API. I have little knowledge of either, and also don't have a Wii U to test, so someone else will have to do it unfortunately. Maybe the internal video player that...
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    Homebrew Official Retroarch WiiU (wip.)

    libretro-mpv dev here. libmpv requires at least OpenGL 2.1 or OpenGL ES 2 support to work. I don't know much about the Wii U, but if it has OpenGL support, then it is possible to use libretro-mpv with it. I think building ffmpeg is very easy. There are builds for the 3DS even. Why do you think...
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    Homebrew Post Homebrew ideas, suggestion, requests here

    Hi! ctrmus dev here. ctrmus can't do that unfortunately. It must be the only application running.
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    Comment by 'MaK11-12' in 'Learned C here's my version of Hello,World!'

    The main function should be declared as `int main(void)` when you're not taking any parameters [1]. You can use puts() instead of printf() here. [1]: Page 66
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    Homebrew [WIP] ctrmus - Another 3DS Music Player

    ffmpeg is the only free and open source library that has WMA support as far as I know. I started to add support for ffmpeg to ctrmus a while back, but it was too time consuming to do so I didn't finish it. I can add it, but I won't unfortunately.
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    Homebrew [WIP] ctrmus - Another 3DS Music Player

    Yes it's always been like that. I haven't had the time add features like that unfortunately. haha I should be the one apologising! :lol:
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    Homebrew [WIP] ctrmus - Another 3DS Music Player

    Yes I can. However, the update won't come for a very long time. I'm currently studying, and don't have much time to add new features currently. As in, ctrmus crashes when trying to play a second music track?
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    Homebrew FriendMii [WIP]

    People are freeking out about closed source because homebrew applications on the 3DS have the potential to cause an unrecoverable brick. Throughout the GBA scene to the 3DS scene, there have been some scummy developers whom have exploited users by bricking their systems, or obtaining data. You...
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    Good Operating System for a Very Shitty Laptop?

    Beginner with Linux: Use Lubuntu Otherwise: Archlinux If you require Gaming: Windows 10 With telemetry and other arse ache bull shit turned off.
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    Homebrew [WIP] ctrmus - Another 3DS Music Player

    To quash any thoughts that this project is dead, I decided to add OGG Vorbis file support overnight. :rofl: Version 0.4.12: Add OGG Vorbis file support. Update Opus and mpg123 libraries to their latest version. Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have...
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