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    Hacking Gateway Downgrading

    I downgraded fine no problems :)
  2. luke

    Patiently waiting for Gateway to update....

    Patiently waiting for Gateway to update....
  3. luke

    Hacking Gateway 3DS working on the New Nintendo 3DS.

    Got them both direct from Amazon (not marketplace)
  4. luke

    Hacking Gateway 3DS working on the New Nintendo 3DS.

    Well I'm all set to go, come on release this beast already! I'll add a pic and if Gateway see it they can say 'oh look at that lonely N3DS it just needs an update'.
  5. luke

    Hacking Gateway support for Firmware 9.0 – 9.2 Coming

    This would be great but they are out of stock atm. I've subscribed to stock updates but if anyone else knows of a good place, please say!
  6. luke

    Hacking Gateway support for Firmware 9.0 – 9.2 Coming

    OMG! Best news ever! Now I just have to decide to either buy a N3DS from Australia or wait for them to come here :) Anyone know roughly how much a N3DS XL would cost in the UK?
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    Hacking Need help with an EZF Advance!

    This Flash cart is very old so you would most likely not find one now.
  8. luke

    Gaming Prince of persia DS

    Wow those 360 screens look great, very artistic and Cell Shaded.
  9. luke

    Usenet Help (Please)

    I would not use all 20 connections I find it slower and also your ISP might be throttling your connection so I would use any SSL servers if they are available. I did use Newshosting but changed to there reseller Newsgroupdirect and never needed anymore than 8 connections on my 16 Meg Broadband...
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    Hacking So is there any place that sells nintendo brand shells?

    Perhaps he is selling parts from faulty units and then selling each part on LCD .etc, and saying they are official Nintendo parts? That would then mean that they are not new but are official parts.
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    Gaming wow! Rseident evil 5 new trailer

    That trailer was amazing!! I think I'll get another Xbox 360 just for this because the graphics look superb and the game looks a lot harder and polished than the previous ones. Looks like it will have a great story as well. I have not read very much on this game but have seen some old photos...
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    Never microwave your cell-phone.

    I thought it was fake at first as well due to the phone not rotating in the microwave but then this brilliant CG alien transformed from the phone. I thought it was great and actually looked like it was inside the microwave. Thanks to the poster for sharing this as I probably would not have seen...
  13. luke

    Hacking usb reader take sdhc cards

    It will work with the supplied usb reader but I never used it because I bought a cheap 99p (UK) usb adapter that was advertised for working only with Micro SD but worked with my Sandisk 8GB Micro SDHC so I think any usb adapter would work with any micro sd including sdhc.
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    You're cooler online

    Ha ha so funny! Like the lyrics and I wonder how many people lie online like this and make things up to look cool. I myself do not see any point because you cant get very far if you do.
  15. luke

    Gaming Guitar Hero : On Tour custom Faceplate

    Does anyone know if there will be any templates for this so I could design my own or download them from the net so I could print them? I would think so and it would be cool having your own favorite band and stuff on it, would also make the accessory more unique to the player.
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